Multi-national Mobile operator already trying out 5G technology

One of Japan’s leading mobile operators SoftBank is trying out 5G technology in a collaboration with Ericsson. The two companies will cooperate in developing a common understanding of 5G use cases and deployment scenarios, and will evaluate the performance of potential 5G key technology components in joint field trials as well as to collaborate on 5G research projects.

The joint field trial will demonstrate ultra-high bit rates and ultra-low latency with the Ericsson 5G trial system by using a number of frequency band. 5G will evolve the entire future communication eco-system, from devices to mobile access, IP core and into the cloud. Ericsson’s latest 5G test network initiatives focus on the interactions between mobile devices and the radio access network, in both indoor and outdoor scenarios.

As SoftBank focuses on continuous improvement of the network to the benefit of its customers while Ericsson on the other hand is interested in the 5G evolution and new MTC (machine-type-communication) applications.

Yossi Cohen, President and Representative Director of Ericsson Japan, says: “As the industries are undergoing rapid transformation, 5G will be an integral component of this movement toward the Networked Society. I’m excited about the new technologies that we are exploring in the joint trial collaboration with SoftBank.”

Ericsson has developed advanced antenna technologies with wider bandwidths, higher frequencies and shorter transmission time intervals, as well as radio base stations built with baseband units and radio units developed specifically for the 5G trials and already succeeded in achieving bitrates of over 5 Gbps in live, over-the-air demonstrations of the company’s pre-standard 5G network technology.

Ericsson is leading and driving the 5G standards work from today’s exploratory research through pre-standardization activities along with influential standards bodies and industry groups, and will be one of the key players in helping to define this next generation of network technology all the way through to commercialization. Ericsson has established a new research lab to foster collaboration on 5G transport. Industry research is still ongoing and commercial 5G deployments are not expected until closer to 2020.


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