These future car tires never go flat

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Over the years researchers have worked on ways to improve machines that move on land and air. The airplane industry has done many advancement on safety, fuel efficiency and price. Some of the advancement in the airplane industry include the United Airlines that use fuel generated from animal poop and fat, the solar powered plane and the airplanes that can fix themselves even when they are airborne.

The automobile industry has made milestones in developing compounds that optimize fuel economy and actions made to reduce road accidents. Currently bullet proof vehicles are being built for the high end people and the military. The Google Driverless cars made headlines this year because they are aimed to reduce road accidents.

As much as vehicles are being improvised body-wise,  thinks we can do better. Every vehicle requires a tire to move around unless it’s a rocket-car. Hankook Tire, the South Korean manufacturer has been developing a non-pneumatic tire for a while. The concept was first introduced in 2013 when it was only one integrated tire and rim.

Hankook has completed the initial testing on its fifth-generation airless tire and gave it a name, the iFlex. The tires do not require any air pressure, instead they rely on a new type of eco-friendly material. The tires have Geometric shapes enhanced by air pressure that make them bounce. Unlike the previous iFlex, this version is designed to mount onto a traditional rim, making it compatible with current vehicles.


The company says the tires matched conventional tires in terms of performance. They did a number of tests to compare it to more conventional rubber, measuring durability, hardness, stability, slalom and speed, at up to 80 mph.

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A number of companies are working to produce airless tires. Resilient Technologies is working on a prototype aimed at wheeled military vehicles—tires that can’t be blown out would be useful if you were under attack and Bridgestone have an idea of a great airless tire that looks like a Psychedelic Spirograph.

The car tires will be advantageous to many drivers especially the lazy ones who always find it hard to change flat tires. The Korean manufacturer has not revealed the day the tires will hit the market and prices. The airless car tires I believe they are going to reduce accidents by some percentage because some accidents are caused by unpredicted tire bursts on the highways.

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