LG G4’s camera gives smartphone cameras a run for their money

When you’re taking a picture with your phone (or dedicated camera), there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that can intimidate casual users, and automatic mode uses algorithms to tweak the settings of the camera to best suit your shooting scenario so you don’t have to.

It finds the most prominent subject and focuses in on it, often blurring the rest of the background and/or foreground. It can lower the shutter speed to take in more light when you’re in a dimly lit room. It adjusts your white balance to accommodate for different shades and color tones. But ultimately, auto settings can only so much, and to take full control over your photos it’s helpful to switch to manual mode, where you tweak these settings.

Well, the LG is giving other phone cameras a run for their money through its LG G4 camera that is widely considered the best in the new generation of smartphones. LG G4 provides the most elaborate suite of manual controls on an Android smartphone camera to full manual control of ISO, focus, white balance and shutter speed.

The specs tell us it’s a 16MP sensor with an f/1.8 aperture lens and a 1/2.6-inch sensor size, optically stabilized across three axes to correct for up to two degrees of motion and fitted out with a Color Spectrum Sensor for improved white balance, among other things.

Part of the reason the G4’s camera is superior to its competitors is that amount of control it gives to the photographer. In manual mode, the photographer can customize the level of White Balance, ISO, Shutter Speed, Manual Focus and exposure compensation. When placed in the hands of an expert, these features allow the G4 to shoot capture striking images. Manual mode also gives photographers the ability to select RAW or JPEG as the format for their files.

Unlike other 3rd party camera apps that feature manual setting adjustments, the LG G4 does a MUCH better job helping users adjust to varying levels of exposure simulation. As settings such as ISO or Shutter Speed are adjusted, the images on the screen will get lighter or darker to give users an accurate preview of their photograph. In addition, LG has included a histogram and light meter in the top left corner of the camera app to further assist the user when customizing shots in manual mode.

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