Doppel a wrist wear that makes you feel relaxed and more alert has been created

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Wearable tech have been improvised and they do incredible things like the sneakers that can switch colors to match your dress or trouser but this tech will help you set your mood. Doppel is a device you wear on your wrist to make you feel relaxed and more alert according to its Kickstarter site. The device simulates the way upbeat or downbeat music affects your emotions but without the distraction, according to its creators, a London based Team Turquoise.

“Doppel has a heartbeat, a double beat pulse that you feel on the inside of your wrist,” the page states. “You can control the rhythm and the intensity of the beat. When Doppel beats at your resting heart rate your mood will shift to being more calm. Upping the beat gets you going.”

The device is not complicated because it does not have many things like buttons or screens. For it to work you Simply set it up through an app to calibrate it to your heartbeat. You then change Doppel’s rate by squeezing it or stroking its face, and turning the dial like a volume control.

The team says they’ve tested Doppel on hundreds of users as natural way to help them “stay focused in professional settings, keep up the pace while running and training, and to wind down for sleep. It’s also been independently shown to increase focus and alertness.”

“Manos Tsakiris ran an experiment at the Laboratory of Action and Body at Royal Holloway University London. He tested how doppel affected the reaction times of 40 people using the PSYCHOMOTOR VIGILANCE TASK. This scary sounding experiment basically involves clicking when a dot pops up on a screen and then measuring how long it took you. Each person took the test twice, once with doppel running and once with it switched off. Half of the subjects had doppel running on their first test, the other half on their second. People were also asked to rate their experience of using doppel in several ways. This was very important not only to make sure people like doppel but also because the prototypes they were using had no adjustability. The final doppel will give the user almost infinite adjustability when it comes to the stimulus beat. So this gave an excellent opportunity to verify what we had previously seen in our tests, that preference for settings makes a big difference to how well doppel works. To prove that giving that adjustability in doppel is vital.” The Turquoise team said.

The team has managed to raise about $95,000 of their goal of just over $155,000 to bring Doppel to market. The device mainly will works as your first aid kit that maintains your pace reports Geekwire.

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