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Most small traders shun ecommerce business due to the huge logistics involved especially on the warehousing and delivery departments. To leverage on this, guys like Fargoshopping, Rupu and even Jumia have come up with models for enabling small scale traders to operate mini shops within their huge platforms with a promise to take care of both the warehousing nightmare and delivery services at a small fee.

But the models by Fargoshopping and Jumia only work for non-perishable goods like electronics, clothing and jewelry. If you are a small restaurant or fast food joint, you may not be able to service online orders to a wide geographical region, and that’s why HelloFood offers delivery services but mostly for high end restaurants located near you. When I went through the HelloFood options, I realized that a number of the restaurants that have partnered with HelloFood accept minimum orders in the range of Kshs 650 and Kshs 2000 and require one to part with at least Kshs 100 as delivery fee, making the HelloFood inaccessible to majority of Kenyans.

Therefore when I heard about Paula Catering Services from a friend I got so excited. Paula Catering Service are these guys who came to my rescue over the weekend when I was so hungry, almost broke and too tired to cook anything meaningful. After I complained to a friend about my hunger and inability to cook he sent me the number 0727 780 283 and asked me to call her immediately. I did. Within an hour, my lunch was served.

The good thing is that I was in Kasarani and Paula Catering Services is located in Ngumba Estate,Next to Garden City Mall in Kasarani Nairobi. When I asked them more about their services they told me that they are majorly a WhatsApp based personalized delivery catering outlet that supplies breakfast, lunch and dinner to individuals and corporates any time throughout the year including holidays. “We also have outside catering for events both for individuals and corporates”, the delivery lad explained, “Very nice”, I smiled. “Do you have a website?”


“Facebook Page?”




“The friend who gave me your number said you are an online restaurant?”

“Maybe because we receive orders via WhatsApp”

“Oh alright. WhatsApp could be considered an online service”, I commented. “Nice food by the way, how do I pay?”

“Just give me the cash”

“I want to pay to a Lipa na MPESA account”

“Well, we don’t have that yet, but if you don’t trust me you can send the money to the number you called. Remember to include withdrawal fees”

“In that case I’ll pay in cash. I don’t like MPESA charges”. I handed him the Kshs 220

“Anything else?” he asked.

“Not really. Let me eat this, if I am impressed you’ll receive another order in a few days, and expect a few more orders from my friends, and possibly readers”.


“I am a technology blogger”.

“Who is a blogger?”

“Someone who writes unregulated online content”

“How many readers do you have?”

“Thousands per day”

“Well, I hope you like the food, we will appreciate your readers to know about us too”.

“Okay, hope to see you soon”.

The fact that you are reading this means I was extremely impressed by the delicacy, a kienyeji (true kienyeji – not that fast fattened roasters) chicken stew with two Chapatis served hot for only Kshs 220. I tell you, there is no restaurant that will be that affordable for the same quality services.

To order your breakfast for as low Kshs 60, lunch for as low Kshs 120 or dinner for as low as Kshs 120, be you an individual or a corporate body, you only need to WhatsApp or call Ms Paula Mwimu on  0727 780 283 or Mr Beauttah Kangara on 0726 123 734.

As we’ll ensure they have a web, Facebook and Twitter presence, soon. In the meanwhile enjoy your most affordable meals from Paula Catering Services.

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