Shift Sneakers that switch colors with a tap on your smartphone

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The future holds a lot of things that are no longer surprises. Early last month researchers suggested that in the future aviation fuel will be Eco-friendly and sweet because it will be made from sugar-cane biomass. Another innovation that made headlines is the new coca cola bottle made from sugar cane. Smart clothing and gear is going to take the world by storm just like the smartphones and other electrical devices.

The shift sneakers can literally shift colors to match your outfit or mood just like the characters in the animation called HOME. The project is from the tech company +rehabstudio. Fashion icons always buy many sneakers to fit different designer clothes which is hectic because the wardrobe and bedrooms get piled up making it hard to move other staffs. The shift sneakers wish to change that by creating the sneaker you buy once that acts like a million different pairs.

The shift sneakers use “conductive and reactive textiles with adept fibers,” to transform design. Basically, the conductive materials allow electrical signals to pass through to adjust the mini LEDs throughout the shoe to change colors and patterns. Eventually, there will be “packs” of new designs that wearers can download to change out their styles. Users will even be able to take a selfie of their outfit to match the sneakers to those colors.


“The potential of apparel lies in materials that change state, or that are designed to have unusual properties, combined with integral electronics. We opened our minds and dared to envision what apparel of the future might look like- what it might do, how it might live and react to our world.” The company says.

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The shift sneakers are also ideal for runners and cyclists because they will be able to change their shoes to be more noticeable in the dark or rain. That is amazing because the sneakers have practical applications that satisfies the sports men and women who make their countries proud. Reports GeekWire.

Managing partner at +rehabstudio said the sneakers are still in development stages. The sneakers will be released soon and many people have shown interest. If the shift sneakers get introduced in the Kenyan market i would encourage people to buy them but it might lead to Bata closing shop because people will only need one pair of shoe. Couples who like looking like twins can love the design because they can blend the colors by syncing their smart-surface with one another so their designs match to form a totally unique design.


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