A lady’s ovulation secrets are on her face

A female chimpanzee when is on heat her bottom swells up and turns bright pink and that directly implies that she is fertile and about to ovulate. It’s a different case when it comes to women because they don’t show signs that they are fertile but there is an app that keep tabs on their sexual behavior.

Women are most fertile during the late follicular phase of their menstrual cycle, which starts about a week after their period begins and ends a week later with ovulation. At this time, women experience subtle changes in their psychology, behavior, and physiology that are akin to the changes we see in non-human primates.

Geoffrey Miller did a study called lap dancing. He asked professional exotic dancers to keep a record of their nightly tip earnings for two months. The women also reported when their periods began and ended, so Miller could calculate when they were most fertile. He found that the dancers received about US$67 per hour when they were near ovulation, but only US$52 at less fertile times of the month and US$37 during their periods. This suggests that women are sufficiently more attractive at peak fertility to persuade men to part with their hard-earned cash.

How a lady’s face looks when she is fertile

Ladies look very attractive when they near ovulation. The face normally change the color to be more red leading to men rating women with redder faces more attractive. Women just like other primates, such as rhesus and Japanese macaques and mandrills, develop a redder face when they’re most fertile

Women’s faces change in redness over the cycle but not to a degree that could be seen by the human eye and therefore could not be detected by men, even unconsciously. Plus women are much more fertile just before ovulation than just after, but the redness of their faces at those two times are almost identical. Therefore facial skin colour is responsible for the effect of the menstrual cycle on women’s attractiveness to men. Reports IFLScience.


Some indicators of women’s fertility are stronger when women are more stimulated. Straight women are more flirtatious when fertile, but only in the presence of men they find attractive. Men find dilated pupils attractive in a woman, and heterosexual womens’ pupils increase in diameter during the fertile phase, but only in response to photographs of their boyfriends. Next time you realize your lady’s face or lips are reddish just know that she fertile.

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