A Flatworm that reproduces by fxxxing own head has been discovered

I used to think animals having more than one sexual organ is a myth. The flatworm can actually have sex without a partner by its side, all it needs is its head. I would happily call that ‘self service.’ Scientists say that the flatworm resorts to self-insemination when it’s unable to find a mate.

The Flatworms have both male and female organs that is why they will never be desperate. The researchers say that the process produces ‘inbred’ offspring which is still better than not getting laid. The flatworms reproduce by exchanging sperm with others using their stylet – a sharp, needle-like protrusion – to penetrate their partner’s outer body membrane in a process that scientists describe as ‘traumatic insemination.’

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This particular reproductive strategy is called hypodermic insemination. The study was done by Researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland and Bielefeld University in Germany. The study was later published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, showed just how the flatworm developed this mechanism.

For the study, the flatworms were split into two groups: one batch as isolated individuals and the other in small groups. Researchers then measured how much sperm each worm contained. Isolated flatworms were found to have more sperm in their head. Though researchers didn’t directly observe this self-insemination, the interesting placement of the sperm suggests a strange insemination route. The sperm migrated from the head to the center of its body, which is the creature’s site of fertilization. In comparison, the flatworms kept in groups contained more sperm in their tails reports IFL Science.

This is a unique kind of hermaphrodite because they use very tiny needle-like penis to inject sperm in their head. Researchers suggest that a folded mechanism is needed as there is no internal linkage between the flatworms’ male and female sex organs.

Self-fertilization occurs in a broad range of hermaphroditic plants and animals, and is often thought to evolve as a reproductive assurance strategy under ecological conditions that disfavour or prevent outcrossing. Nevertheless, selfing ability is far from ubiquitous among hermaphrodites, and may be constrained in taxa where the male and female gametes of the same individual cannot easily meet.

I think if people were able to do this, divorces would be very few. As much as human can masturbate but that can not fertilize anything. This is disturbing and kinky but in science everything in possible it just takes the right team to do their magic.

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