Step by step guide on using eCitizen Kenya services

The first time I was on this eCitizen Kenya business I asked you to save the eCitizen MPESA number 206206 and I believe you did that. A week later, I took you through the process of paying for your eCitizen service using MPESA. But it is also important to tell you how to go through the process of getting served by the government online. So let’s jump into it:

Step 1: website

Open your web browser and type in This will take you to the eCitizen Home Page from where you will be able to see the Overview, Services and FAQ links. Remember I told you that the FAQ questions are rather useless. The Services link on the other hand is great as it provides a platform for checking the particular services available by categories. I mentioned these services in the first article of this eCitizen series.

eCitizen Kenya

Step 2: Create an Account

For you to receive the eCitizen Kenya, you must first create an account. Just at the Home Page, you will be able to Register simply by clicking on the Register Now button. The registration has four steps the first of which is to verify your National ID. After eCitizen has retrieved your ID details, including the very ugly picture of your face as normally captured by the National ID photographers (those guys ought to be taken to photography college), you’ll be taken to step 2 where you will be required to provide and confirm your email, create and confirm a password then head straight to step 3 after agreeing to the terms and conditions. I agreed to them but as usual, I don’t know what they are.

eCitizen Kenya 2


Since I am already registered, I do not have the privilege of knowing exactly what is required of you in steps 3 and 4 but I guess Step 3 requires you to add additional details like your Nationality (which I think is a very stupid requirement as I mentioned in the first article), Postal Address (of which you may not have), Physical Address (A mandatory requirement) and others. In Step 4 I guess you’ll be required to Finish your registration.

Step 3: Login to your DashBoard

After you have an account, you will be able to request for services as offered by the National Transport and Safety Authority, Office of The Attorney General and Department of Justice, Department of Immigration Services, and Ministry of Land, Housing & Urban Development. What you will need to do is to simply click on Get Service Now button under any of the departments and you will be taken to the Department’s Service portal.

Once in the Department’s Service Portal e.g. NTSA’s, you will be able to click on Submit Application, a link that will take you to all the available services and from where you will be able to select your desired service and Apply.

Step 4: Apply for the Service

Most of the services e.g. Business Name Registration, Application for Passport among others require you to do the form filling online, submit the application form, pay for the service using the MPESA Pay Bill Number 206206 but complete the application by Physically visiting the relevant office to present either the original copies of relevant documents or sign physical copies of certain documents.

This is an important that is worth to emphasize; simply filling in application forms online at and paying for the service does not guarantee that the service will be rendered. Most of the services already on offer via the online portal require you to physically visit the government offices.


If by any chance you will have troubles applying for your government service via, you can always receive help by sending an email to or call either of these two numbers Orange +254 772 246 669 or Safaricom +254 708 206 206. I called both but the second one, registered as NTSA with TrueCaller, did not go through. The first one went through but no one picked.


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