Social Media Day: We have traded Humanity for Social media

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  • Posted: June 30, 2015 at 12:23 pm

Today is Social Media Day, Happy social media day is therefore in order. I am happy to belong to this day and time I can tell you for sure. I do not know how my folks Before Twitter (BT) survived their days without this important tool of communication.

Through LinkedIn; I can land a job of my desire, through Twitter; my news is handy. Through Google plus, I can interact with individuals of my calibre and of great intellectual stature. Facebook, exposes me to great business opportunities and who knows I could land me a husband on the Social media platform. These are just but a few social media platforms that give me better footing in my day to day activities.

Thanks to these platforms, we now are more enlightened and informed than we would have been a decade ago. Hail Social Media and Long live these important tools of communication. I guess in exchange of technology we have to do away with human originality and it is allowed to put the blame on this new way of interaction. The cons are more impactful than the pros if we all look at it from the point of humanity.

Fake Human Beings

We have become self-righteous inconsiderate human beings who suddenly have a Social identity that anyone dare soil. We are better of dealing with issues in the Facebook and twitter courts than physically meeting up to dissolve any feuds. If it is not us, we want to hang dry anyone in err and tell the world how immaterial a certain person is giving verdict on how much the victim should not belong to the human species.

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We no longer make mistakes because we chair the social media tribunal and all we do is be on the look out for a company to make the wrong move or even a dignitary to pronounce a word wrong so we can run to the streets of twitter and talk about how much they must be under-educated.

Insecure Beings

We are all the reason the other is insecure. Twitter and Facebook applications are a tap away to keep tabs on what your friends might be saying about you or something you posted on your wall. It has become automatic, we will not go an hour without checking this platforms.

You want to know what your friends think about that new dress or car you posted on your time line and if they have nothing to say about it, then that will only make you needy and disturbed to a point your day is no longer worth living.

Your day and night have been eaten into

Social Media is now your day job and so is it your night job. The first thing most of us do in the morning is check into the preferred platform wanting to know what happened while we were away sleeping. In traffic jam we will take on to Social Media and rant about the car in front of you or rather the passenger sited next to you and of course the world will know once you hit the office and whether your boss came in first today.

Bed time today is simply FaceBook time and time to post all the selfies you took in the office all day on Instagram. Before you know it, it is almost morning and Insomnia is your most definite status at 3 am. Social media has basically taken over your own hours and time both in the day and night.

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Narcissistic open books

Now that we have agreed on the self-importance and social identity we sell out there, our lives are out there. The world knows when you wake up and how you wake up with the hashtag #iwokeuplikethis to the time that you take your lunch, dinner and when you lay in bed.

Your next boss will not need an hour with you for an interview in order to know who you are since all your life has been squeezed in your Facebook Posts and Instagram photos. All the activity going on in your social media is enough evidence of who you are and at times you do not even need to say a word.

Book Illiterate

Who has time to sit in a quiet room and read through Robin Sharma’s greatness guide? Time is well spend by going through timelines and pages on facebook before moving on to popular Twitter handles and tweefs you have heard about.

Social Media updates with wrong spellings and ridiculous word short forms and abbreviations is the new normal in our world today. we will be satisfied to know how far ahead a former college colleague is in life than go through that dusty book lying on your shelf. Literature has left us and it is evident in how we talk.

The negative impacts are skin deep as much as the pros make us technology smart and updated beings which is why Social Media should at least take a back sit or better still, Let’s quite social media- as long as you go first

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