Google has enabled Undo Send on Gmail

If you send many email messages, you must have sent an email to the wrong address. I once did send a private message meant only for my work colleague’s eyes but accidentally copied my two senior most bosses. It was via Outlook so in a hurry I tried to cancel the sent item. I thought it worked, only for my work colleague to call me and ask, “Why did you send a cancellation request?” And that’s how I got f***ked up big time, I almost got my **s fired. A few years before that, I had sent explicit email with adult only pictures meant for my Internet girlfriend’s eyes to the same bosses. It was the third time in my life I truly wished for the earth to open up her mouth.

Or, you might have sent a message full of grammatical and spelling errors to the right person. Or the message was too detailed, or incomplete.

As opposed to WhatsApp, Facebook Inbox, Twitter DM or standard SMS services, you will no longer have to regret sending unsuitable messages to anyone via Gmail thanks to the feature Undo Send on Gmail, and to activate it is very simple.

Step 1:

Go straight to your Gmail setting (Gear Button) located at top right corner of your Gmail Window. Click on the small arrow and from the drop down list choose setting. General Setting will open up and once in there, scroll down to Undo Send. Under Undo Send select the time you would want to wait before Undo Send becomes unavailable. Before I changed mine to 30 seconds, the recommended time was 20 seconds. You can choose from anything between 5 seconds to 30 seconds. Check the red highlights in the screen shots below.

Undo Send on Gmail


Undo Send on Gmail


Step 2:

After you have selected your favorite cancellation period (30 seconds would be best for most people), ensure you scroll to the bottom of the screen to save changes. To test whether you can cancel a message after you have pressed send, head to Compose, write a quick message to anyone. Press send then within the time you had set for cancellation, press Undo from the yellow highlight as shown in the screen shot below.

Undo Send on Gmail


After you have pressed on Undo, Gmail will take you back to the compose box so that you can quickly edit your email, and with that you have no reason to regret sending wrong email messages ever again.

Enjoy your Gmail experience.

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