A new iPhone 6 explodes

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  • Posted: June 27, 2015 at 11:50 am

Sophisticated devices are flooding the market annually. Electrical devices are dangerous because they use electricity and the kind of technique used in designing them is quit delicate. iPhone 6 which gives users the best experience as far as smartphones are concerned. The phone is large, slim and remarkably powerful. This week Kishan Yadav’s new iPhone 6 exploded when he was talking with his friend.

The event took place on 20th this month but Kishan filed the case in a police station on Tuesday. He said that the phone started releasing sparks during the phone call and then became too hot. He took the phone and threw it through the car window and exploded like a grenade immediately it touched the ground.

“My face could have got burn (sic) as the phone exploded in a matter of seconds,” Yadav told said. “When I threw the phone, the call was on and the battery was around 70 percent.”

After his iPhone 6 cooled down, Yadav took it back to the store that he bought it from and was told to take it to the Apple service center. There, he was told that the service center would not register his complaint. Instead, the center said that it would hold the burnt remnants of the iPhone 6 and get back to its owner with an update from Apple. Yadav was so upset. It is currently unclear if the victim was compensated by the iPhone company.

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Reportedly this is not the first time an iPhone or Android phone has exploded. Many people have placed complaints about the injuries caused by smartphones. Last year a man in Arizona claimed that an iPhone gave him second degree burns after his phone caught fire. Lechter said that the lithium battery popped out and caused the fire; however, he still hasn’t heard a “professional” opinion from someone at Apple as to why this even happened in the first place. His local store replaced the iPhone 6 for him, but even though he was promised that someone from corporate would call him, his phone has been silent.

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That fateful day Philip Lechter was riding in a rickshaw with his family after the University of Arizona’s football game, when a sudden bump made his leg and the phone in his pocket strike a bar on the rickshaw, which apparently initiated the iPhone 6’s self-destruct process.

The case is a clear indication that smartphones are amazing yes but they cause a tragedy and injuries.

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