LG launches a mobile phone recycling program to save the environment

You just discarded a phone, if not, you are planning on doing so this near future. Now, think about the number of people changing phones each day and not letting go of the old ones due to sentimental attachment or even features in the old phone that still remain important. In a case where you will opt to dispose it, chances are high disposal will not be right and environment friendly.

Each dawn is the launch of a new technology device that consumers clamour to have at their fingertips. This surplus of old and unwanted phones has become an ever-increasing issue for environmentally conscious people and organization who are concerned with how the mobiles are being disposed of. A lot of old mobile phones end up in landfill sites, which can have harmful effect on the environment as well as create major resource implications.

In a bid to head off this growing problem, LG has invoked a mobile phone recycling programs for its phones In response to the ecological damage that surplus phones ending up in landfill sites do to the planet. The program involves collecting of outdated LG mobile devices at no cost for recycling or disposing of them in an Eco-friendly way.

The move by LG will have a hugely beneficial impact on the planet’s natural resources too, as non-renewable finite resources like gold, silver and copper used to make the phones can now be re-used. This reduces the need to mine for new metals, which in turn helps in energy conservation as less fossil fuel is used during the mining process. The less fossil fuel that is used results in reduced carbon emissions being emitted, which all helps to reduce carbon footprint.

In a bid to ensure that all its customers are responsible stewards of the environment, LG has further committed to green business by manufacturing more sustainable phones through  re-designs in packaging such as that of G2 smartphone. The redesign has increased recycled materials by 92% while reducing the volume by 21%.

In addition, use of environmentally friendly soy ink for printing by using non adhesives makes the G2 mobile phones very recyclable

The recycling program by LG is therefore, a sustainability program that provides an avenue for leading solutions to ecological challenges we face in the world today. The program seeks to inspire and empower everyday LG customer to accelerate the uptake of sustainable living with low environmental impact.



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