Hey Kenyans, get $250,000 funding for your Biotech ideas from Indie Bio

Other than IoT, Big Data and AI Technologies, Biotech is the future of tech worldwide. Today we have venture capitalists that have serious focus on Health and Biotech Startups whereby significant funding is being channeled to actualize Biotech and Health ideas. And there are Biotech Startups with ideas that can really blow your mind.

Yesterday for instance the talk in town at Reddit was Pembient, an Indie Bio Startup focused in dealing with the Rhino and potentially Elephant extinction once and for all. The Pembient intends to use 3D tech to print synthetic Rhino Horns and Elephant Ivory that have the same gene footprint as the natural horns and ivory. Pembient simply wants to get rid of Rhino and Elephant poaching.

Or consider Clara Foods, a Startup focused in selling chicken free eggs – that is, eggs that have 100% proteins as the naturally occurring chicken eggs but that are “artificially” made from sugar. Clara Foods says Chickens are a terrible way to make eggs. Or better still consider the guys who are interested in making artificial skins. “Bioloom has developed bacteria that excrete long strands of cellulose fiber. The company plans to first turn these fibers into hydrogels for wound dressings; it says eventually the material could be used as a scaffold for growing artificial skin.”

Those mentioned Startups are part of the first 12 Indie Bio funded companies that graduated a few weeks ago and are now focused to do their business. This then means Indie Bio is ready to fund the second lot, and to this end they opened up applications for the second round. You and your friends with genuinely interesting Biotech Ideas can submit your application today through the Indie Bio’a application portal. The application is not only limited to raw ideas. If you also have a Biotech product prototype, or even an ongoing research to produce a prototype, you too can go ahead and apply.

We at Kachwanya.com are directly involved with Indie Bio and we will be very pleased to see at least one Kenyan Startup sail through and become part Indie Bio’s great success stories. Since June 30th is just around the corner, I kindly request you to share this message with as many friends as possible via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email, Phone Calls, WhatsApp, etc.

Just a by the way, a $250,000 funding is almost equal to Shs 25 million. If you or your friend succeeds, you’ll receive a four months incubation and training programme at San Francisco and by the time you come back, your Biotech Product will be ready to go to the mass market. Did I mention that Indie Bio gives you the Shs 25 million in exchange for only 8% equity?

Get your biotech brains to thinking, and all the best and remember to Apply Here, now.

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