Come meet the brains behind incredible applications literally helping with your domestics at the AppIT event

We have talked about the irritating trend of every young-ling leaving campus or even dropping education to develop an application. The generation of today is clearly not very aware of how easy it is to misuse technology by not investing in the right infrastructure.

Truth be told though, some of them are outright geniuses and you cannot help the fact that they know where the shoe hurts in your daily domestic roles. This applications tackle almost all the social, economic, religious and many other aspects of our lives. Most are motivated by the need to solve problems that we face in our day-to-day activities and they really are making it easier to go on each day assured of a better and easier tomorrow.

The digital world is full of communication platforms and we call them social media where people come together and talk about anything and everything but not exactly everything for the fear of future inconveniences. The various channels have caused job terminations and societal position stripping this therefore has made social media a world of shaky grounds that you surely have to tread carefully. Someone however had you in thought and rolled out a platform that does not need your data of any signups to have your normal talk.

Plain Talk

This is an online android mobile app that lets you say anything anonymously, read what other people are thinking and create private or public tribes in which you can have topical discussions about pretty much anything. That’s it, no signups, none of your data required, just let it all out with no fear of judgment as you all valuable identity Is protected. The platform sure is a domestic need for a good number especially the young generation or rather the young at heart who want to have the plain talk after a long day of closing multi-million deals.


Ever tried landing a house to move to from the one you live in now that you can’t stand anymore? You move around randomly searching for the next ideal residence denting your pockets, paying quack agents and buying new sketcher shoes to walk around in with an eventuality of a bad house you had to stoop for to avoid wasting more time?  Better days are here as Kejahunt swoops in to save your day by offering you an app that you only need to download and request for that desired house and without leaving your desk, bed or whichever place you are, you got yourself that house.

Easy, credible and convenient is what they live by. No wasting leave days, your pocket can handle whatever is thrown at it because, no dent and frustration is a tall tale you hear from other people.


After anonymously complaining about your foul landlord on ‘Plain Talk’ and landing a new residence using Kejahunt, you need to familiarize yourself with the new neighbourhood. You know, nyumba kumi initiative. You don’t need the area chief to brief you on all the on-goings of your place as Ujirani, a free app on your phone that allows you to connect with your neighbourhood and share updates on the daily happenings of your area. Talk of an online platform that is more or less patrolling your area making sure you get all security updates, new developments coming up, a new mama mboga with better prices and the list is endless. You just need to download the app from playstore, join your community and share with your neighbours and that is how a great ujirani is achieved.


After a successful move out with Kejahunt, creating rapport using your Ujirani app, not to forget the plain talk you have been indulging in every day, how awesome is it to be able to go to work in the morning and at the same time you are picking up laundry from the dry cleaners and getting your driver’s license renewed. No you don’t need wizardry to do all that at the same time as Taskwetu got you in many different places at the same time. How? They are the guys who want to make your life easier by running your errands no matter how big or small the task is, the job must be done! (As long as it is legal and within Nairobi). Get the app from playstore and play magician with it.


Plastic money is the new day. No one wants to walk around with noisy coins and bulky notes in their pockets. Well, for the sake of Small and medium business retailers, you might just need some liquid cash to cater for your vegetable purchases, but someone is changing that; Lipaplus. You can still roll in your Visa card purchasing your daily food ingredients at Mama mboga’s.

LipaPlus is a solution that enables small and medium businesses accept card payments using just their phones. LipapPlus uses a mobile phone and a small piece of hardware connected to the phone. It’s mobile, affordable, and very secure and an easy to use system that can be used by people across all divides to accept card payments be it; Shoe shiners, taxi drivers, Mama mboga, event organizers and all kind of both small and big enterprises.

Having all this applications on your phone gives you an upper hand in your day to day chores and domestic needs. Makes you feel all powerful as you do not have to worry about anything apart from losing my phone. All these entrepreneurs have come up with genius ways to tackle our daily problems by making these awesome applications. Your mobile phone is now more of Batman’s utility belt.

Well, all the above mentioned applications will be showcased at this years first AppIT event held at the Nailab on Bishop Magua Center on Ngong road on the 26th of June 2015. So don’t wait for a movie to be made about them for you to interact with them on a personal level. Come relive the journey that was in the making of these life savers.

Here is a link to the event’s tickets.





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