Save this eCitizen MPESA Paybill Number – 206206. Trust me, you will need it after reading this

There are those of us who never voted for this government but highly appreciate some of the projects they have undertaken. I for one is very much impressed by two things: 1. Huduma Centers and 2. eCitizenKe Online Portal. There is also the e-procurement but I’m yet to appreciate its goodies so I won’t mention it anywhere in this article. Sometimes we may take some of these things for granted, but if you ever applied for your National ID, Birth Certificate or even travel Passport before Huduma Centers were launched, if you ever tried to get a service from Sheria House, Nyayo House or even from a local Police Station back in the days, you will surely appreciate how Huduma Centers have become a game changer in service delivery to the so called Wanjiku.

If you haven’t visited Huduma Center before, create time and pay them a visit, even if it is just to see what it is that they offer. After that, you’ll understand why they deserved that award by UN. Classified information reaching me as I pen this down indicate that the government is planning to roll out Huduma Centers in every county before the next general elections, and you read it right, it is about the next general elections. And if you asked me, I’d tell you that’s a good thing.

This article is not about Huduma Centers, far from it. It is about the eCitizen MPESA Paybill Number that I have asked you to save. Other than Huduma Centers, the government of Kenya is also rolling out a number of government services online. Already there are a good number of services they have rolled out that you can access online, right now, just by visiting You’ll have to create an account and be sure to change your country from Afghanistan to Kenya after registering. That caught my attention. Dear Government, is it that your IT gurus like Dennis Itumbi don’t know how to set the default country from Afghanistan to Kenya?

After you have created your eCitizen account, you will be able to access one of these 15 services already available online:


  • Business Name Search – already online
  • Business Name Registration Ā – already online


  • Notice of marriage – already online
  • Issuance of registrar’s certificate – already online
  • Solemnization of marriage – already online
  • Issuance of marriage certificate – already online
  • Commissioning of Affidavit – already online


  • Provisional driving licenseĀ – already online
  • Interim driving licenseĀ – already online
  • Driving class endorsementĀ – already online
  • Driving license information correctionsĀ – already online
  • Driving test bookingĀ – already online
  • Driving license renewal (1 year)Ā – already online
  • Duplicate driving licenseĀ – already online


  • Official search (Nairobi blocks)Ā – already online
  • Application for official copy – coming soon
  • Land rate clearance certificate – coming soon


  • Passport application for adultsĀ – already online
  • Passport application for childrenĀ – already online
  • Application for Kenyan visa – coming soon


  • Birth certificate – coming soon
  • Death certificate – coming soon

The thing about all these already online and coming soon government services is that they use only one eCitizen MPESA PayBill Number – 206206. Although the different services charge different rates (you surely cannot expect Business Name Search to be charged at the same rate as Business Name Registration), the MPESA PayBill Number is the same across board.

For today I only wanted to tell you that you need to save the eCitizen MPESA PayBill Number as you will need it to pay for those online services. In the follow up article I will tell you just how to register for an account and do an online application in the eCitizen portal. Until then, you can go ahead and become an eCitizen.

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