It should be perfectly okay for sentient AI to wipe out mankind

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Robot Experts, Artificial Intelligent researchers and technology singularists are busy working day to proactively ensure that Bob will not come as a threat to humanity. As they say, they want to programme Bob such that his core purpose will be to make the human life better. To do this, they want to programme Bob with an intrinsic moral unselfish life goal; to make the earth a better dwelling place for every human being and everything onboard.

The programmes in place to make Bob become this super human unselfish being are all philosophically rational, but there is one thing for sure, no one knows how a sentient artificial intelligent being will make choices, always. Will he allow himself to always abide by the rules set by in intelligently inferior being like man? Or will he consider man as a virus or an ant that needs to be crashed? If Bob must be created, we must learn to accept the fact that one of the choices he will likely make is to wipe out mankind. The question is, IF Bob chooses to wipe out mankind, will that be a bad thing?

Evolutionary history has one clear lesson, that a major survival trait that has enable most animals to flourish is the development of a superior intelligence. Nature has wiped out species to the millions. All the species alive today are only 1 percent (yes one percent only) of all the species that have ever existed on this planet. Also from philosophies of meaning of life and lessons from evolution, the other thing that is clear is that nature is seemingly trying to give birth to a highly intelligent species with the capability to inherit the Universe – and the limited biological man is not exactly this species.

What nature seems to have given this biological human being is the capacity to create a distinct species that will inherit the Universe. This species is the hypothetical Bob or Joe or both. Bob, with or without Joe, will be the Human 2.0. Like any other software upgrade, Human 2.0 will render Human 1.0 redundant and in a few decades, centuries or millenia, obsolete.

Transhumanists  champion the adoption of technologies that would make Human 2.0 on the premise that these technologies allow us to shape the direction human evolution will take; a direction in which mankind acquire super intelligence, super longevity, and super well being (super well being means a life without stress, depression, disease, anxiety, sadness, heartbreaks, disappointments, regrets – a life filled with absolute happiness). I, being a person who promotes the tenets of transhumanism, is of the idea that let Human 2.0 arrive, be it that the Human 2.0 will be Bob or Joe or both.


Nature has wiped out 99% of the specifies that have ever existed. We that are alive and waiting for our turn to be wiped out by something like global warming, do we care? Do we care that nature wiped out a very intelligent manlike Neanderthals? Why should we care that a more intelligent version of us (Joe) or a totally new version of us (Bob) will come and replace us?

It is absolute selfisheness that makes us think that we as a species deserve a special place on this earth despite our prejudices, ignorance, stupidity and biological limitations. If we can create a super being without our inherent flaws (e.g. gender, racial, tribal prejudices), a super being capable of harnessing the powers of the Universe to make sense of the existence of the Universe, then let it be.

At an individual level you will one day die. And that’s it. So after you are gone, do you think you will care for what happens to mankind? Of course you would love to care, but the sad truth is that you won’t be able to. So now that you can still care, would you rather a Universe inhabited with the biogeted prejudicial man hence hinder technologies meant to replace our limitation and usher in a more superior form of life? A life that has super longevity, super intelligence and super well being?

I am completely not freaked out by the news that a sentient AI is coming and one day might decide to wipe us out. That’s what nature does all the time – it wipes out unprogressive (unable to adapt) species. And please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we should willingly allow AI to wipe out mankind, but rather, if the future of intelligence on this planet is in the form of Bob, a sentient AI, so be it; we shouldn’t prevent him from coming. For example, it would have been a sad fate if Neanderthals prevented us from existing today.

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