iPhone iOS9 will track your reproductive health and how often you had sex

The new iPhone update will be able to truck your reproductive health including how often you had sex and whether you used protection or not. The updates were announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. As part of its upcoming iPhone iOS9 release, Apple (AAPL, Tech30) will launch a new set of HealthKit features that will let you log information about menstrual cycles and specific physical changes, such as basal body temperature, cervical mucus quality and spotting.

There will also be a way for people to track sexual activity in the pre-installed app. You can even input ovulation test results. Apple keeps that data private by default, but you can choose to send it to your doctor or anonymously provide your information to universities and physicians for research studies. There are no shortage of gizmos and apps already in the app store that track reproductive health data, and the updated HealthKit app will work with those apps and devices as well.

Other features that the iPhone iOS9 will have includes:

  1. Siri proactive. The new software is going to attempt to guess what you want to know before you ask it. Just like Google Now. It has smart reminders that know more about your location and habits. It pulls from your search history, emails and calendar to give smarter search results to surface information and suggest apps.
  2. Apple Maps. The Apple app will add transit directions, so you can decide if you’re going to grab a bus, walk or drive. It’s only in 12 cities to start, but will expand in the future. It’s also improving business searches for finding nearby restaurants and showing if they take Apple Pay.
  3. Apple Pay. Square’s next card reader will accept Apple Pay, the NFC payment feature on mobile devices. Apple Pay will also be available to people in the United Kingdom starting in July and include support for public transit. Apple’s Passbook app is being renamed Wallet and will support retail loyalty cards.
  4. The News App.  The App creates a personalized feed called For You, pulling from articles you’ve read in the past. It updates every time you open the app. The articles can come from anywhere on the Web, but it also features articles created by publishers just for the News app. It looks very similar to Facebook’s new native articles, and Flipboard before it, with big graphics and fun interactive elements. The App has made headlines since journalists are worried about the competition they will face from the App.

Apple is set to place the reproductive functions under its new “Reproductive Health” brand in the iPhone iOS9, which the company unveiled Monday morning during its WWDC. Apple is making more of an effort to develop software for female users — an area it had previously overlooked. The iPhone iOS 9 will be available to the general public in July.


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