Samsung announces global marketing partnership with Jurassic world

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Samsung will present exclusive content from the upcoming epic action-adventure on its revolutionary SUHD TVs at retail stores in U.S until the movie releases on June 12, following a global marketing partnership with Jurassic Worlds, the long-awaited next instalment of Steve Spielberg’s ground breaking Jurassic park series.

As part of the cross-platform partnership, Samsung also had a presence at the Jurassic World premiere and post-party. The SUHD(Super Ultra High Definition) TV is anticipated to be launched in Kenya in July.

The partnership gives Samsung a unique opportunity to showcase their innovative technology and create an integrated marketing campaign tied to one of the biggest movies of the year.  An excited Won Pyo Hong, President and Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Electronics, said “The exclusive Jurassic World clip on Samsung’s SUHD TVs will show unmatched, lifelike picture quality with breath taking color and detail, drawing viewers in so that they feel like a part of the action.”

Samsung also celebrated the premiere of Jurassic World by creating a video wall featuring content from the film on their new SUHD TVs, which immersed guests in JURASSIC WORLD through spectacular colour and detail on the red carpet.

“Samsung is a part of our story,” said Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall. “Our vision for the movie was that the theme park was very real, so we went to great lengths to make audiences feel like they were part of the experience — that really adds to the storytelling.”

The Samsung Innovation Center, the Visitors’ Center in JURASSIC WORLD, showcases high-tech interactive exhibits that provide immersive experiences for park goers. The center is filled with Samsung’s innovative displays, including the UHD TVs, where park goers can experience virtual dinosaurs and learn more about the park.

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Samsung SUHD TVs are taking picture quality to an entirely new level, thanks to a new display technology powered by energy-efficient nano-crystal semiconductors that provide unrivalled color purity and contrast, and are two and a half times brighter than conventional TVs.


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