Twitter Conversations will be much easier to follow, but there is something else I want from Twitter

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  • Posted: June 9, 2015 at 12:49 pm

Conversations surrounding a Tweet, particularly if they’ve sparked lots of replies and disparate conversations, can be hard to follow. In August 2013, Twitter updated their Web, iOS and Android platforms to make it easier to follow the conversations but from a person’s Timeline. In that update, tweets that are part of a conversation were made to be shown in a chronological order so it became easier for you to follow along. Earlier, Twitter had updated the platforms such that up to three people participating in a conversation were linked by a straight line.


Twitter Conversations



Despite these efforts, following twitter conversations haven’t been any easier. Yesterday Twitter posted a blog post informing us that they intend to rollout a new update to bring a better conversation experience in all of their Twitter platforms. Once the new update has been rolled up, most of the twitter conversations will be grouped together and some of the most interesting ones receive highlights. Grouping twitter conversations at the Twitter News Feed (Home Page) will make it easier for you to know what’s happening around a particular topic, and the people participating in that conversation. To let us know exactly what they are talking about, Twitter has included this Sponsored Tweet by Periscope:


Twitter Conversations


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Twitter than explained that “On the Tweet page, Tweets that are part of a conversation are connected by a line. If you want to see more of the replies to a specific Tweet within a conversation you can click “View other replies”. Like with other features, we will continually be iterating and improving on this experience to make it easier to understand and participate in conversations on Twitter as well as to find the best, most relevant content we have to offer.” The feature started getting rolled out on the web platform and soon iOS and Android will receive their respective updates.

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Although this feature is expected to improve conversation experience on Twitter, personally I still think Twitter is missing out an important feature, but on the mobile platforms. One of the things I always like to find out is the The Trending Topics. On the Web, the Trending topics are well positioned and easy to note, but most of the time I, alongside millions of other Twitter users, prefer to use mobile devices to tweet.

When on mobile device, it takes at least two level navigation to view the Trending Topics list. This is one thing that I’m sure if Twitter changed by placing the trending topics at a prominent place on Twitter Apps e.g. by giving it a tab of its own, then experiencing Twitter on mobile platforms will be much fun.

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