Sentry APC is the Vehicle that can help you defeat the second coming of Jesus

If you have watched the movie 2012 then you probably have an idea of how the end of times will be; mountains will fall, nations will fight against themselves, magma from mountains will fall like rain and Jesus will come like a thief. The question is how will you survive ‘the second coming of Jesus?’ However, this piece of monster will probably help in your survival.

The Sentry APC built by Canadian armored vehicle manufacturer Inkas is the kind of car that will make most of the distributed cars in the world look like toys. The armored personnel carrier is dubbed a “tactical attack and defense vehicle” by Inkas, the title itself creates a video game fantasy. Sure, the APC is tough, mean-looking, and technologically impressive, but it’s also just plain cool. It’s essentially the Dwayne Johnson of cars as reported by Digital Trends

The Sentry can be fitted with dual layers of overlapping bulletproof armor, shielding the occupants from 7.62 × 51mm rounds. That’s the same ammunition the U.S. military uses in the M60 machine gun. The APC was also tested to meet CEN Level BR7 ballistic standards, which is the highest level of protection measured by the current metrics. Perimeter armoring of the passenger compartment, engine bay, and mechanical components help the vehicle reach its nigh-invulnerable status, but the multilayer ballistic glass certainly didn’t hurt either.


The Sentry APC can carry up to eight passengers who are fully protected from any kind of animosity. “The vehicle provides a high level of protection and comfort to its passengers in any climate condition, from extremely low temperatures to tropical heat waves thanks to the extra layer of cabin insulation and smart ventilation system,” says Inkas. “The vehicle’s configurable seating arrangements allow its occupants to efficiently operate the vehicle while maintaining tactical positions.”

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The 4-bt-4 machine enlists 6.7-liter, 362-horsepower turbodiesel V8 to lug it all around. It’s no gas-sipper either, so Inkas bolted up a nearly 40-gallon fuel tank. The Sentry APC can be titled as an all in one vehicle because it has mobile command center, armored personnel carrier, medical evacuation vehicle, and bulletproof off-roader. And with its 360-degree camera and emergency lights package, it’s almost impossible to sneak up on.

The end of the world fictionalized stories of how it will be hard to survive on fire and unfriendly weather conditions i think has finally found a match. The machine will probably provide a smooth alley during the end of times.

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