MTN Cameroon to install Userful Desktop across schools

Just like office work should be automated to clear dusty files from our spaces, so should education. For the sake of craftsmanship though, pupils and students only need technology to keep up with the day and better yet acquaint themselves with digital skills.

It is definitely a story Kenyans no longer want to hear after the big flop of the one pupil on laptop government project.  As we grumble about the failed Jubilee flagship project, MTN Cameroon Foundation in partnership with the Cameroon’s Ministry of Secondary education will be rolling out Useful Desktop for its Digital Schools Project.

The Digital project launched recently will have the government oversee the installation of the computing equipment across secondary schools in the country to provide internet access, cloud managed services and secure access among many other functionalities.

The userful desktops topped priority list for MTN due to easy to use features and benefits for both students and administrators who will be in a position to centralise control over desktops. The desktops are known as a solution for public computing features and end user software that requires no local IT management.

The gadgets are Power multiple desktops through one server using energy conserving zero client devices, saving you up to 80% on hardware costs, plus reduced software and electricity costs. Userful Desktop also allows organizations to provide a desktop environment with a variety of features and applications available to meet every patron’s need.

It is locked-down and includes a full suite of public computing features and end user software. Being cost effective, the distribution will be much easier and convenient for the Telecommunication Company and ministry of education.

MTN plans to install 15 multimedia centres across ten regions in the country over the next year. As quoted by, Tim Griffin, founder and CTO of Userful, said “We are proud to be providing a solution that’s at the heart of a digital inclusion that will benefit thousands of students across Cameroon”

“Proper access to technology gives an increasingly important advantage in virtually all aspects of life. It’s great to see Userful Desktop helping bring worry-free computer access to communities around the world.”









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