There is something good you didn’t know about Airtel Unliminet

On 12th last month I enrolled to Airtel Unliminet and started to enjoy the monthly package for Shs 2,000 that offers 1,200 minutes for voice calls, 10,000 SMSes and 6 GB data. After using the package for one week I realized that the data ought to have been more than the 6 GB as I consume roughly 250 MBs per day, that’s why on May 23rd I wrote the article The Airtel Unliminet should be restructured. Oh well, I still want the Airtel Unliminet to be restructured, but not as passionately as before, and this is why.

Yesterday my wife’s weekly unliminet bundles ran out at around 10 AM. At night when she came back home she was all excited, telling me that she is in love with another person and he is called Airtel (I will sue Airtel for this) just because, even after running out of bundles, she was still able to watch her favorite Anne Kansime videos endlessly. I thought that was was weird and most probably an anomaly on Airtel’s system.

Little did I know that my Airtel bundles was probably already expired. Today also at around 10 AM, I decided to check my monthly unliminet balance. According to the feedback from Airtel, my data had run out, completely. I don’t know whether it ran out today or a few days earlier but since I have been browsing at roughly 250 MBs per day, I think it ran out yesterday, but still I have been browsing, normally. Of course I had noticed a slow down on Internet speeds but that didn’t hit me as normal fluctuations on Internet speeds is always expected.

A few hours ago it hit me that Airtel Unliminet has an unlimited component that I didn’t care to understand and appreciate. I went back to Airtel Unliminet page to check out the terms and conditions of the Unliminet offer and read:

Enjoy the world of unlimited connections with Airtel’s monthly UnlimiNET package and keep browsing and networking even after your data runs out.

I knew that but just like most of you, I thought that the “keep browsing and networking” part referred to accessing WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Instagram as emphasized in the Airtel Unliminet ads. But the “keep browsing” part is is actually explained as follows: After data runs out, Airtel Unliment will still provide you with unlimited “WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter & Instagram at full speed and browsing at 256kbps”.

The “something good you did not know about Airtel Unliminet” is, therefore, the unlimited part of Internet access. This can best be compared to Orange’s unlimited data offering. Orange has two main monthly unlimited offers. The first option is the mobile phone Internet access where they charge Shs 990 per month and provide you with 2 GB at full speed and after this has been consumed the speed drops to 64 Kbps.  The second option is Internet access via modem where they charge Shs 2,990 for 20 GB at full speed and after that has been consumed the speed drops to a speed that they haven’t specified.

To me the unlimited Internet offer that is available with Airtel Unliminet is great news. Although my bundles might have ran out yesterday, to be honest I have been browsing just normally. Yes I have witnessed some lag and video freezes every now and then but I really haven’t been frustrated the same way I get frustrated when using Safaricom’s Internet.

Kudos Airtel, good surprise right there!

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