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Did you follow The EastAfrican trending hashtag yesterday? #TEAat20? Surprisingly many of you thought that the hashtag was about corruption in Kenya at 20 bob – that’s how corrupt we are. #TEAat20 is a hashtag about The EastAfrican, a paper publication that has attempted to educate the East Africans on policy development and economic progression that is devoid of corruption. So as to be a corrupt free individual, by thoughts or action, we all need to get our weekly copies of the paper.

The good news is that you can access two copies of the paper for free simply by downloading the paper’s App either from iOS or Gooogle Play Store. For those on Windows ecosystem, you’ll have to wait a bit for the App to arrive in Windows Store.

the eastafrican

The EastAfrican App is meant to allow you download The EastAfrican e-paper issues. If you install the App today, you will have free access for the current issue that was published on Monday 1st June 2015 and six other most recent issues published from Monday 20th April 2015 to Monday 25th May 2015 under Archive.

The fact that the e-papers aren’t available to be read from within the App is of a slight disadvantage. When I first downloaded the App I thought that it was similar to Flipboard App that allows you to read several magazines, newspapers and articles from within flipboard simply by “flipping” pages as you would do with a normal book. Also, an e-paper is quite big in terms of MBs so it might take as much as 20 minutes to download an issue.

After the weeks are over, you will be required to pay for the next issues either monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually as per the table below:

Monthly 4 USD
Three Months 15 USD
Six Months 28 USD
One Year 50 USD


According to the rates above, roughly an issue will cost you one dollar (Kshs 97). To subscribe, you’ll go to the Menu, choose subscriptions, chose appropriate package, then continue to make your payment. Payments can be made through credit or debit cards, MPESA, or even cash. If cash is your preferred choice, then you’ll head to your nearest Nation Media Office, make the payment and have them activate the App for you.

the eastafrican app

The EastAfrican App has received roughly one thousand downloads and about 40 reviews with a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. Most loved Apps have ratings above 3.5 so the EastAfrican is fairing very well. I was much touched by one of the reviews, from Abdishakur Othowai, that I had to reproduce it here:

East African The best regional paper in Africa The East African has done more for the region’s integration than all the work done by politicians and Jumuiya Ya Afrka Mashariki for the past 20 something years. It is highly informative, well researched and refreshingly blunt about pertinent issues affecting the region whether it is about peace and security, conflict and diplomacy, economic integration and growth issues and publishes highly professional opinion pieces. Actually, The East African does more than a newspaper, it is a policy think-thank for our region without declaring to be one. I couldn’t agree more with your advertisement byline, “you saw a paper, we saw a region”. The East African should outlive its founders and strive to contribute to the vision of a united East African Federation. This is the biggest gift you can give to our children and our children’s children. – Posted on March 3rd 2015.

Is there a reason you wouldn’t want to read The EastAfrican? To download The EastAfrican App on Google Play, Click Here.

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