Augmented Reality top agenda for Epson in this year’s Droidcon Berlin

Epson has announced their return to the Droidcon Berlin in June with its Android-powered, Moverio smart glasses taking centre stage. Developers interested in exploring the world of augmented reality (AR) should be delighted to be part of the event that will see influential developer Sean McCracken of imaginary computer one of the world’s leading voices in smart glasses applications join in.

Epson and McCracken will demonstrate how the technology behind Moverio can be used to create next generation AR apps. The company will also showcase its range of sport devices and explain how developers can use heart rate and GPS data in new fitness apps.

Available across Europe, Epson’s binocular, see-through Moverio BT-200 smart glasses present a wealth of new opportunities to Android developers, particularly in the realm of augmented reality (AR). Developers have already started creating apps for businesses and consumers, with for instance Tarkett, a global leader in innovative flooring solutions, just one of the companies already using the platform to enhance its operations.

Epson will also be showcasing its Runsense and Pulsense wearable sport devices at Droidcon Berlin. The devices, launched late last year, produce a wealth of data, helping users to track their training runs, analyse their sleep patterns, heart rate, activity levels and much more. Epson representatives will be available throughout the show to speak with developers interested in developing apps that rival Strava, My Fitness Pal and Run Keeper, or those that have innovative ways to use the data collected by Runsense or Pulsense.

On 3 June at 12pm (CET), Sean McCracken will host a workshop at Droidcon Berlin. During the session, he will give attendees insight about the AR and VR landscape, and a detailed overview of the Moverio smart glasses, covering the technology and its unique capabilities. Attendees will have the opportunity to receive some tips, best practices, and research from a top Head Mounted Display developer on how to make amazing experiences.

Having won best Glass Application at Tech Disrupt SF 2013 and recently led a team that won the NBC Universal Studios Orlando Hackathon with Moverio, McCracken is a fan and a talented example of what the technology behind Epson’s smart glasses can do.

He commented: “I’m delighted to be joining Epson at Droidcon Berlin. I have been working with Moverio BT-200 since the very beginning and believe that is one of the few devices capable of opening the door to this new world of applications. I’d encourage everyone attending the show to stop by the stand and try it, because by simply trying on the smart glasses you will have an idea for a new app or game. I’m looking forward to meeting all the developers at what is an exciting time for our industry.”




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