Elphie – This amazing photo was taken by an Elephant

An elephant snatches a camera and takes an awesome ‘elphie’

Wild animals can also enjoy the features that are provided by smartphones, especially the camera. I believe if they are exposed to phones more often they can post themselves on Instagram and have Facebook and Twitter accounts. Christian LeBlanc, a 22-year-old Canadian, found himself the subject of an extraordinary “elphie” on a Thai island. As Christian and his girlfriend were exploring the island, they bought bananas in a basket to feed the elephant. Christian had placed his GoPro in the basket the naughty elephant with its trank grabbed the GoPro and gave the guy a selfie of a lifetime.

Christian’s GoPro, a mountable sports camera was set to shoot continuously, so it captured the view from the elephant’s trunk. But he’s not ruling out the possibility that the elephant knew what it was doing. He added that the elephant was very intelligent in everything that it did as if it had taken a photo before. The photo was taken on the island of Koh Phangan and it has picked up attention in most online platforms and international entertainment features.

This was Christian’s first time to meet an elephant. He was very afraid at first but a few minutes in, he realized that despite its power, the elephant was relatively gentle. He got comfortable enough then he let the elephant grab his GoPro. The ‘elphie’ was very unusual but it was not the first ‘elphy’ on record. Last year, an elephant at a safari park in the United Kingdom reportedly snapped a selfie with a phone dropped by a visitor.

When an animal takes a photo, it raises many issues about who has copyright over the image, as David J. Slater discovered after a selfie taken with his camera by an Indonesian macaque went viral. Some photos of tourists posing with cute creatures, like pop star Rihanna’s encounter in Thailand with an endangered primate led two men into trouble with the law thanks to the Instagram photo that was posted by Rihanna during her visit to the holiday island of Phuket. The singer was visiting Phuket for a few days between stops on her Diamonds World Tour, departing on Sunday for Singapore.

Meanwhile, Christian has moved on to the Philippines and taken his animal selfie game underwater, capturing himself in the same frame as a whale shark, the largest species of fish in the world.

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