Chevrolet 2016 models will support both CarPlay and Android Auto

If you love cars then this update will impress you – Chevrolet 2016 models will be able to support CarPlay and Android Auto. Currently Apple’s and Google’s in-car efforts are not mainstreaming. Soon enough, most automakers are expected to support CarPlay or Android Auto, even though others like Toyota won’t be playing along anytime soon. Chevrolet, meanwhile, announced that 14 of its Chevrolet 2016 models, including cars, trucks and crossovers, will be compatible with CarPlay and Android Auto, making it easy for people to enjoy of either platforms based on which smartphone they own.

Ford will equally support both Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto services, but Sync is still the primary system. Ford CTO Raj Nair explained that they want to make sure drivers are not pushed into a decision on a $40,000 car based on $200 smartphone. Sync will be able to leverage the features of either regardless which OS drivers use. As such, Ford is touting a high level of flexibility with Sync hence letting drivers navigate with Google Maps through their phone.

People who have iPhone 6 will only have plug it in via USB and in a matter of seconds, the console will automatically recognize it as a CarPlay device, after which you’ll have access to select core applications. The same goes for drivers who own an Android handset but with Android Auto showing up on the 7- or 8-inch screen, depending on the vehicle. One of the concerns is data usage, so Chevrolet is letting users pick between what they have through their carrier or one of its OnStar 4G LTE plans if the latter option is chosen, you’d simply need to connect your smartphone to the car’s WiFi hotspot.

Chevrolet won’t be limiting the functionality to its cars in the US. The company says it will be available in the same places as Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto. Unfortunately, there’s no backward compatibility, so you’ll need one of the  Chevrolet 2016 models if you want to have this on your Chevy. Here is a full list: Camaro, Camaro Convertible, Colorado, Corvette, Corvette Convertible, Cruze, Impala, Malibu, Silverado, Silverado HD, Spark, Suburban, Tahoe and Volt.
The Apple’s Car Play was announced at the company’s annual WWDC conference in June last year. CarPlay combines all of the iPhone’s most important features and mirrors them inside the car, allowing car owners to call, text, navigate and listen to music. The Google’s Android Auto was announced in June 25th 2014, its instructions are simple hence you just plug your phone into the micro-USB cable wired into your car, the Product Manager Dylan Thomas said that the Android Auto team is in the process of evaluating wireless solutions. Regardless, once your phone is connected, your car is endowed with the powers of Android. In 2016 cars will be able to support both Car Play and Android Auto.

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