Samsung Patents an Android Phone that Powers Windows Desktop

Samsung is currently working on an Android Phone that Powers Windows Desktop. The South Korean Company has patented the device that reportedly looks like a smartphone docked in a desktop. The device will be entitled to exclusive rights granted by the sovereign state to the inventor of the device which is Samsung for a limited period of time in exchange for detailed public disclosure of the invention.

A number of companies have done this including Asus which launched a hybrid PadFone that worked as a tablet which had a dock to hold a smartphone and Microsoft’s Continuum which introduced a phone that uses Windows only.

The patent application by Samsung, published last week in the US, describes an Android/Windows Hybrid laptop which uses an Android tablet at its core. It is reasonable to assume the tablet would pack an Intel processor for both Android and Windows duties. The patent, as described in a report on The Verge, specifies that the tablet contains all the user data and both OSes. While the patent and drawings talk about a tablet it could also be a smartphone that powers the hybrid.

The patent has been filed in the US Patent and Trademark Office for a Samsung device. According to a report from TOI, the Android Phone that Powers Windows Desktop will be capable of running on Android in the smartphone but once the phone will be docked in the desktop it will process a Windows operating system. The phone that will be docked will also be able to share its data connection in the desktop.

There’s plenty of flexibility in the dock design and. For instance, once docked the tablet screen could be either a large trackpad device, a second screen for Windows or even remain an active regular Android system. If the Android device screen is not used as a trackpad, then the dock keyboard offers a flip-out or pull-out trackpad for the user. According to the report the patented device will come with a trackpad which can also be replaced by the smartphones touch screen when docked. The desktop will be able to run both Windows and Android after it is docked. According to the patent, other operating systems can also be booted in the device.

It will be interesting to see if anything comes from this Samsung patent in the future. With mobile processors getting more powerful these smartphone/tablet/laptop hybrids could start to get more market traction.

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