The Airtel Unliminet should be restructured

Airtel Unliminet is one of the best things that has ever happened in the mobile phone sector in Kenya since M-PESA. It is the service offering that managed to turn my heart from Airtel hatred to falling in love – oh how I love Airtel Unliminet. I love that Airtel Unliminet is ten times better than Safaricom’s best offer yet, the Safaricom Karibu tariff. If you want to talk about freedom of communication, freedom to access information, and freedom to enjoy faster Internet, you only need two things: 1. to be at a place where Airtel network is somewhat stable and 2. the Airtel Unliminet.



For 50 shillings, Airtel Unliminet allows you to access 100 MB data, 20 minutes for voice to any network, and 100 SMSes to any network every day. If that doesn’t satisfy your daily communication needs, then you can double the amount to 100 and with that you’ll be able to access 300 MB of data, 60 minutes of voice time and 500 SMSes.

To access weekly offers, there is the 250 shilling plan with which you can access 500 MB data, 100 voice minutes to any network and 500 SMSes to any network. If you want to communicate more per week, you can double that to 500 bob and access 1.5 GB data, 300 voice minutes and 2500 SMSes.

Then lastly for monthly unliminet offers you have the shillings 1000 plan that allows you to access 2 GB data, 400 minutes and 2000 SMSes. If you are like me who wants more data, Shs 2,000 will enable you to access 6 GB data, a whooping 1200 minutes for voice that you may never exhaust, and 10,000 SMSes that I bet you will never use.

Great offers right? Not to everyone. Not to me. Read the quote ahead in Lucious Lyon’s voice, “What I want is an Airtel Unliminet offer that allows me to access more data, less  minutes for voice and less SMSes. What I want is for Airtel to introduce more choices in the Airtel Unliminet service offering. What I want is to be able to access 8 GB of data for Shs 2,000”.

I am not the only one who wants better Airtel Unliminet offerings. We are many. I have read, in Airtel Facebook page, of guys who want to have an Airtel Unliminet plan for Shs 20 a day, yeah, guys who miss their club 20. Does club 20 still exists?  They too should be taken care of.

This is what I suggest for Airtel to do. Airtel ought to restructure data, voice, and SMS plans to suite different communication needs. There are those who prefer more minutes, and there are those like me who prefer more data.

For example, if Airtel was to take care of me, they would understand that I am not that guy who makes endless calls. 1200 minutes for voice calls are way too many. In the last ten days I have made calls that lasted 130 minutes only. At the rate of 13 minutes of calls per day, in a month I shall have made calls that lasted 40 minutes max. So how many minutes are conducive for me? 100 would be extremely great. Now, can Airtel find a way of converting the rest of the 1100 minutes to data?

When it comes to data consumption, I use an average of 250 MB per day. That’s comes to 7,500 MB per month. Now, Airtel, again in Lucious Lyon’s voice, this is what I want. I want my Airtel Unliminet for Shs 2,000 a month go give me 8 GB of data and only 100 of minutes for voice calls. You may delete the 10,000 SMSes as I have WhatsApp for that. Now in my voice, “would you do me that simple favor? Please?”

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