Alternative and clever uses for your old tablet

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Technology is dynamic. Gadgets have lately become even more dynamic owing to the fact that device manufacturers are no longer limited to the few they were back in the day. The device market will always have a new software or feature that Mobile device users need which is why manufacturers will never satisfy the consumer.

Tabs can be very useless if one, they are behind time and two, your phone turns out to be a better device. Instead of reselling it on the black market which will hardly make you any profit, just convert your device to a more beneficial gadget helping around your home.

  1. Alarm clock

It can never be that useless. Use of your tab as an alarm clock is the most basic thing you can do with your old tablet. Anyone who still buys dedicated alarm clocks? smartphones have replaced the little clocks that would be put next to the bed for early mornings and duty calls between the night. As long as you remember not to knock it off the table next time the loud melody goes off.

  1. Digital cook book

You no longer have to keep dropping your phone around your kitchen. Just secure a simple stand on the kitchen table and mount your tab from where you can always refer to tutorials and e-books. You definitely do not need to keep turning pages to keep up with the next step on the cooking session.

  1. MP3 Player

Of course you had thought of making it your music player not having to think about wasting charge. Time you gave your smartphone a rest especially if you are a heavy music listener. It is even better when you can easily stream music content not having to stop all your phone works for music.

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Not only will you enjoy your music without interruptions, the SIM card less device will also be great for your gym sessions not having to stop to pick a call or answer to a text message.

  1. Security Monitor

This might be the best use of an old tab; monitoring your home when you are away. It is very simple, download the free IP Webcam app and follow users’ guidelines. You only need to find a compatible device to monitor your home’s activity when you are not around. Even better, you can use it as an LCD monitor for a fixed position in the living room.

  1. Digital Photo Frame

Finally you have a way to have e-memories by making your device a digital photo frame. Simply download an app that will connect you to your social media accounts which will allow fresh streaming of your personal photos according to preference.

Also, the user can upgrade to premium to allow image playlists as set with automatic turn on and turn off upon timeline choices.

  1. E-reader

Instead of taking a hit on your smartphone’s battery, your old tab is an excellent gadget for your favourite novels. Download reminder apps to keep tabs on your local library and market around. The e-reader will go a long way in traffic jams, waiting in line with the amazing screen size that makes it even better.


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