LG’s G4 sets unmatched smart phone camera experience

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Today, the world population takes thousands of pictures either for fun, documentation or better still sharing with the world through social platforms such as Instagram via smartphones. As smartphones become ubiquitous, they are quickly replacing traditional point-and-shoot cameras as the go-to devices for taking quick photos. The quality of photos via smartphone therefore makes it easy to share those images with others, wherever you are.

As a result of ever-changing approach to photography, smartphone manufacturers are coming up with camera specs that are better than ever, as the competition for an intuitive and consumer centric smartphone camera grows. One of the most important features mobile manufacturers emphasize is how well and intelligently their handsets can snap a photo. LG’s latest G4 has adequately provided the functional features that address such challenges with the cutting edge G4 smartphone camera.

The G4 phone has a powerful camera that delivers a visual experience you would expect from premium handsets. With its ability to take lowlight shots even in poorly- lit city environments, G4 Camera has truly revolutionalised night photography that can achieve good quality images.

Perhaps, the most impressive feature on G4 that you may not find on any other competing device includes an impressive F/1.8 Aperture which allows the lens take in more light. This creates a clear display that captures good and detailed images. When you stop to think about it, it’s just so amazing that you can take a photo in nearly complete darkness and produce an image that is pretty close to how the scene looked to your eyes. Moreover, with its intuitive and streamlined UX, one can calibrate G4 camera to take pictures that rival DSLR photos in quality.

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In addition to its ergonomic design, the G4 camera is also highly versatile, featuring three distinct modes: professional, regular and simple which the user can activate any time. This presents a convenient variety of choices for users on different occasions.

For a long time in the history of smartphone cameras, rapidly occurring events have always posed a challenge to capture. G4 camera has sought to unlock the ability to take photos quickly and effortlessly with its quick shot feature that enables the user to snap a photo even when the phones display is turned off. A rear key button makes it consumer centric for that function with the user just required to double tap the rear button when taking a picture.

LG G4 smart phone camera is a perfect example of why improved photography has been the next priority for smartphone camera manufacturers.


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