Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is what Galaxy S6 should have been

Following tradition, Samsung will soon release a follow up of the Samsung Galaxy S6, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. Starting with Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung has been releasing the Active versions two to three months after the flagship goes on sale. The active version of Samsung flagships are the tougher, improved spec and hardcore brothers of the flagships – mainly featuring a roughed up casing that should be resistant to breakage when dropped.

For example, although the standard Samsung Galaxy S4 is an ordinary phone with plastic casing, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is the version that won’t let you freak out because it rained on you cats and dogs. The same story is true for Samsung Galaxy S5. We all know that Samsung Galaxy S5 is water proof, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be made any tougher. Samsung Galaxy S5 Active was thus made of a roughed surface meant to resist drops and camouflaged in military colours.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active
Samsung Galaxy S5 Active – Courtesy of Vaguthu

It is more than a month since Samsung Galaxy S6 hit the market and that makes the time ripe for rumour mongers to start gossiping about the Active version. The speculations about the design, the look and the core specs of the Samsung Galaxy S6 active are now everywhere – and this has been heightened by a mistaken listing by Samsung of Samsung Galaxy S6 Active in the Samsung Galaxy Plus website.

According to the rumours, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active will feature all the specs of Samsung Galaxy S6, including the screen size and resolution. Earlier own, the screen size had been thought to be bigger coming at 5.5 inches but latest rumours have down sized it to the 5.1 inches of Samsung Galaxy S6.

But there is one important rumour, the battery size. We have already shared with you the pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy S6 and noted that the downside of Samsung Galaxy S6 is the battery capacity together with the fact that the battery cannot be removed. The good news is that the rumours are saying that the battery capacity in Samsung Galaxy S6 Active will surpass even that on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – that Samsung Galaxy S6 Active will come with a 3500 mAh battery. That’s close to a 1000 mAh more added to the battery of Samsung Galaxy S6, and if all other features remain the same, should be able to add at least another six hours of use for the Active version.

If it is true that Samsung can fit a 3500 mAh battery inside a 5.1 inches device without increasing the physical dimensions, then it is a big mistake that Samsung Galaxy S6 came with a mere 2550 mAh, and to make matters worse, non-removable. Now, combine the 3500 mAh with the faster charging technology and the highly tweaked power saving options in the latest Samsung devices, and you have a battery that can let you be online any time for much longer.

The rumour mongers haven’t laid hands on the possible design specs but speculations are that it might just look as ragged as the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active – to give it more resistance to drop and possibly also feature water resistance. Water resistance was a beloved feature in Samsung Galaxy S5 so fans didn’t really get it when Samsung decided to do away with it in the Samsung Galaxy S6.

If you love harder military looking phones, then you are better off waiting for Samsung Galaxy S6 Active possibly due in June or July – this year of course.


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