Buy Buttons on Google Search is an exciting idea

According to guys privy to some secret information, Google is planning to rollout Buy Buttons on Google Search results, but for mobile phones. This is because fewer and fewer people are using desktop Internet to do Google searches and broadly browse the Internet. The Buy Button on Google Search will enable online shoppers to search for products via Google and be able to do the purchasing without having to visit the Store’s site. The buy buttons will be available for sponsored search results.

For example, if you Google a product that is being sold by Jumia Kenya, and Jumia Kenya has a sponsored search result as currently is the case, to buy the product means you’ll click the search result and be taken to Jumia Kenya portal to do the actual purchasing. With Buy Buttons on Google Search on the other hand, you won’t have to leave the Google site as clicking the Buy Button will reroute you to a special Google Page from where you can do the purchasing.

The problem with the current situation is that shopping in different stores have different and at times confusing navigation – leading to shoppers spending a lot of time trying to navigate around the website. I remember when I did my first shopping on Jumia Kenya I spent close to two hours just to buy one item. I actually ended up placing the item five times in the cart – simply because navigating the simple site wasn’t that easy.

With the buy buttons on Google search on the other hand, what will happen is that all purchases will be done in one simple straightforward easy to use portal, and at the end of the day you will spend less time and effort in the purchasing process. So, just like the new Instant News product by Facebook, the Buy Buttons on Google Search will mean less traffic to ecommerce stores – and this fact is already causing jitters in some companies that operate online stores.



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