Apple scoops position one in Forbes’ most valuable brands 2015

Two days ago Apple received a prestigious label, the Greenpeace Clean Energy Label where it emerged position one having scored AAAA in the four tests that rank Internet companies on the basis of renewable energy use. The Californian company is at it again, this time being recognized as the most valuable brand of 2015.

Apple brand “ranks on top of Forbes’ list of the World’s Most Valuable Brands for a fifth straight time and is worth twice as much as any other brand on the planet.” According to Forbes, Apple Brand is now worth $145.3 billion having climbed 17% compared to last year’s valuation by the same iconic business magazine.

Sky rocketing iPhone sales since iPhone 6 was launched late last year, the amazing demand for the new beloved Apple Watch and the increased profitability by over 33% last quarter helped the company retain its top position as the most valued brand in the Forbes’ list.

The second most valued brand is Microsoft with a brand value of $69.3 billion; that is, Apple is more than twice as valuable as the second most valued brand (that’s what we call kuzungukwa in foot-racing). Microsoft has been down the ranking list but since the current CEO Satya Nadella took over, the once upon a time global titanic company that competed on its owl league is back on its feet. In the last year Microsoft has registered an upward $94 billion in sales and together with focus on research, we should expect Microsoft to regain its top position in a few years. Windows 10 might just be what Microsoft needs for that magical ladder climb.

Google, Cocacola and IBM take position 3, 4 and 5 with brand values of $65.6 billion, $56 billion, and $49.8 billion respectively. “We determined the most valuable brands by starting with a universe of more than 200 global brands. We required brands to have at least some presence in the U.S., which knocked out big brands like Chinese internet giant Tencent and multinational telecom firm Vodafone” explained Forbes in their report.

Three years earnings were the basis for the ranking in which a percentage weight depending on roles played by the company as allocated to each year’s earning. Of the 100 companies on the list, about 50% were from US, nine brands from Germany, seven from Japan, and another seven from France. Facebook registered the highest rise having climbed 54% to be in top 10 for the first time.  Other big gainers in the top 100 include:  that was up 32% and Disney that had a positive 26%. Biggest losers were Adidas that went down 14% and Danone that had a 13% drop.

Here is the full list of the global most valuable brands 2015

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