It so happens that Apple is the cleanest company in the whole world

That sounds ridiculous. Apple has been accused of so many evils including short changing workers in China and using cheap minerals obtained from war torn countries like DRC. Those two ills ought to disqualify it from participating in “hygiene” related contests – but Greenpeace still thinks that Apple is the cleanest company globally, scoring a clean green label as can be seen in the image above. Anyway when it comes to passing exams, what matters is the questions set. One could be a dumb in many subjects but still an expert in one (that’s what professors are).

The exam by Greenpeace in which Apple scored a green A is about ranking Internet oriented companies based on energy cleanliness. It is called the Clean Internet Exam. The four tests (Transparency, Policy, Efficiency and Advocacy) seek to find out how Internet companies use clean energy like Solar, Wind and/or other renewable energy services to power their online services.

As it happened, Apple is the only Internet oriented company that scored clean As in all of the four tests. In its finding, the Greenpeace found out that “Apple continues to lead the charge in powering its corner of the internet with renewable energy even as it continues to rapidly expand. All three of its data center expansions announced in the past year will be powered with renewable energy. Apple is also having a positive impact on pushing major colocation providers to help it maintain progress toward its 100% renewable energy goal.”

apple is the cleanest company
How Apple performed in Greenpeace’s Clean Internet Exams

The second position was taken up by Facebook that scored As in the first 3 tests but got a B in Advocacy. Google, my favorite company, scored Bs in the first three tests but managed to get an A in the final test.

Other companies that managed to appear in top list include Yahoo in fourth position, Equinix in fifth, Sales force in sixth, Rackspace in seventh, IBM, another favorite, in eighth, Microsoft with all Cs in ninth, and Amazon Web Services that got one F was in tenth position alongside other companies like DuPont Fabros technologies that scored three Ds and an F.

Kudos Apple for going all green.


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