RAOZinduka – Let us join hands and welcome RAO to the blogging community

RAOZinduka is trending. Ever since I discovered that Kenyans Online are saved, I don’t shy away from clicking on political hashtags, so I clicked on #RAOZinduka. RAOZinduka is all about something that will go live on May 8th 2015 at exactly 3 PM. It is www.rao.co.ke, a website. The only thing currently known about the website is that it has a count down timer (2 days left) and a proclamation, “Something Fresh and Exciting is coming”. To many, the website will be the launch of RAO’s 2017 presidential bid. We can’t rule that out, but what’s interesting for me is a tweet by one @Samloffee as quoted by Gibson Calvian. It reads:

Could it be possible that Raila Amollo Odinga (RAO) is planning to become a blogger? That’s far from possible but can’t be ruled out either. During the 2015 BAKE Awards, mzalendo.com, brainstorm.co.ke, gathara.blogspot.com, kanalispeaks.wordpress.com and agachiri.blogspot.com were nominated under the Best Political Blog of the year, a category that was won by mzalendo.com. There are also numerous other political blog sites in Kenya but that are extremely partisan or biased to the left or right. Those characteristics disqualified them from being nominated for the Awards. Both the non partisan and partisan blog sites in Kenya are not immediately linked to any renowned politician, hence a possibility that one of the leading Kenyan politicians wants to venture into blogging is appealing.

The other thing missing in our political blogging sphere is well articulated, properly analyzed, and political science based political blog content. Those nominated, although they are not engaged in hot air, rumour mongering and name calling typical of the partisan blog sites, they still don’t have the expertise of experienced politicians and political scientists to break down for us the political events as they happen.

If rao.co.ke will be a political blog site, therefore, we expect it to offer a thorough in-depth anti-government but possibly biased political analysis – a situation that might force the government, just as @Samloffee alludes, to set up its own blog site to counteract the effects of rao.co.ke.

On a more serious note though, I personally look forward to establishment of highly informative, analysis based political/economic blog sites meant to provide us with both biased and unbiased political and economic information. The existing blog sites especially those that were nominated for the BAKE Awards 2015 are already on the right track, and the only thing they need to do is get the services of high profile politicians (e.g. RAO, UK and WR) to contribute to these sites. They also need to bring on board high profile political analysts (Mutai Ngunyi?) to provide insight on political events as they happen.

The problem is, those high profile politicians and political analysts cost a lot of money – that’s why it would be breaking news if rao.co.ke turns out to be RAOZinduka na blog site.


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