SEACOM ready to deliver 10 and 100 Gbps Internet Speeds in Kenya

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Enterprises and individuals will now be able to gain access to 10 and 100 Gbps Internet Speeds in Kenya through the Gigabit Ethernet ports at affordable prices after SEACOM’s upgrade of its global IP and MPLS network. In addition, the new network will extend the availability of native IPv6 services to all customers, as well as provide translated IPv6-to-IPv4 services.

The company that is currently investing heavily in Ethernet with the fastest speeds 1Gbps, 10Gbps and 100Gbps will enable customers enjoy much faster internet access than those buying older legacy or slower technology.

The benefit will be to any customer that buys IP/MPLS services from SEACOM, be they service providers or enterprises. In the case of customers who are service providers, their onward customers will enjoy a better Internet experience; while for enterprise customers, the staff of that organization will, similarly, enjoy a better Internet experience.

Since launch in 2009, the company has moved beyond being a cable operator to become a major pan-African service provider, offering full suite of resilient and scalable data services that allow Africa’s growing ICT community to develop and evolve

SEACOM has therefore solved the international bandwidth problem that has been long existing by landing high speed fibre optic cables at the shores of Eastern and Southern Africa. The problem that now exists is how to get that high speed capacity to the users that require it within each country.

Ranging from dedicated IPL transmission services, flexible Ethernet services, to resilient IP Transit service capabilities and accessible Internet connectivity, SEACOM can now provide tailor-made communication solutions.

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The investment aligns with SEACOM’s commitment to provide its customers with the latest services and capabilities through a resilient, high-quality network platform. The new SEACOM network will offer substantial advantages to carriers and businesses looking to expand their communications infrastructure on carrier-class Ethernet, IP and MPLS platforms between Africa and the rest of the world.

The move will also offer the company improved levels of operational efficiency and scalability, easing administration and providing a growth path for the future. We will easily be able to scale our IP/MPLS network up to multiple terabits of capacity and more, giving us plenty of headroom for growth.

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