How to watch Mayweather vs Pacquiao in Kenya

The biggest boxing match of the century, probably of all time, Mayweather vs Pacquiao, is going down tomorrow very early in the morning Kenyan time. By very early in the morning I mean as early as 4 AM. Mayweather vs Pacquiao is a boxing match you cannot afford to miss, never. It is the match that will define who is the greatest boxer the world has ever seen, a match that will break a lot of sporting records, and a match that has been highly anticipated since 2009.

If you are not a boxing fan, you still can’t afford to miss this match. It will be action packed, adrenaline driven, and full of energy. Bets to the tune of $1.6 million have been thrown out there, and total collection from Pay Per View alone has been estimated to gross well over $300 million. A ticket to enter the MGM Grand Garden Arena was priced for as less as $2,959 (Kshs 266,000) all the way up to $40,955 (Kshs 3.7 million). Those who will watch the match from their TVs will have to part with $100 for that single match, an equivalent of your monthly premium DStv subscription.

But for you in Kenya, you can watch the match either as part of your usual premium DStv subscription (if you have one) or for a price of a bottle of soda/bear at a local pub/club that offers premium DStv services.

But you shouldn’t wake up too early. There are those who are misleading others that the match will air tomorrow at 2PM local time (they want you to miss the big game), and there are those who insist that the match will go down as from 3AM. They are both wrong. The 2PM local time is Los Vegas time, and the 3AM time is CAT (Central African Time) which is 4 AM East African Time.

The action will come to you and me via DStv’s superport channels, the SS2 and SS6 in full HD. This is how DStv has announced the match in its official DStv website:

Sunday 3 May marks what has been dubbed The Fight of the Century, when Floyd Mayweather squares off against Manny Pacquiao, live in HD on SS2 and SS6 at 03:00 CAT.

The boxing showcase taking place at MGM Grand in Las Vegas will be available  to Premium customers in crystal clear HD on SuperSport and via live streaming on and DStv Now.

Betting time

Do you have your bet ready? More than three quarters of bets have already gone in favor of PACMAN. This is bad news to my close friend and ardent supporter of Mayweather who has given his all to Mayweather saying that “Mayweather will crush Pacman in three rounds”. Joining my friend in betting in favor of Mayweather is 50 cents who has had estranged relationship with Mayweather up until the announcement of the big fight early this year. To show is support for Mayweather, 50 cents has bet $1.6 million for “Mayweather to ‘smoke’ Pacquiao”.

Which side are you betting on? I am on the side that will win. To be specific, I bet that Pacquiao will throw the first punch that hits the target. Let’s compare notes tomorrow after the action. Be entertained.


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