You don’t have to follow back to receive Direct messages on twitter

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Twitter is now giving users an option to receive direct messages from anyone without any barriers. Previously, if you wanted to send a direct message, you had to ask them to follow you first.

This opt-in feature allows users to receive messages from anyone if you check and enable this in your Security and privacy settings on The setting also allows you to reply to anyone who sends you a Direct Message, regardless of whether or not that person follows you. If you do not want to receive a Direct Message from someone you don’t want to privately converse with, you can still disable this feature in the same page by opting out. Some accounts, including businesses, have enabled a setting to receive Direct Messages from anyone.

This feature makes it easier for companies to deal with problems privately whenever any issue and concerns arise from their customers, allowing businesses connect more easily – and directly with their customers – on Twitter. Now, businesses won’t have to follow back thousands of users to deal with customer issues.

Twitter has lately been rolling out easier function features on the platform to make it easier for users as well as make it more practical and interesting. With over 288 million monthly active accounts, the company is gradually growing due to easy usability.

The global platform for public self-expression and conversation recently announced two new features, group direct messages and mobile video cameras. The group DMs group allows Twitter users to have private conversations with up to 20 other Twitter users at once.

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