in commemoration of victims of garissa attack

Kenya is still mourning the loss of innocent souls from the Garissa attack by Al-Shabaab that happened two weeks ago, an incident that hit the country hard. We at believe it is not too late to wish families of the deceased heartfelt condolences, and o does an online portal, has been launched with a mission to make sure we never forget victims of attacks such as those of Garissa, Westgate, Mpekoteni and others. Citing the proposition from the website; “We reduced them to numbers and statistics because it was easier for us as a nation and society to cleanse ourselves of our culpability. We could have asked for more efficient response, better security, better communication of intelligence, and more accountability. We failed to see the links. We were comfortable forgetting. NO MORE!”

The site seeks to recognize the losses one by one in opposition of recognition of a few known or ‘important’ beings with the argument no life should be considered important than that of another. The site has a column of three attack incidences; Garissa, Westgate and Tana Delta with photos and names of the deceased in the various attacks. also has an event calendar created to show events to commemorate the lost souls with date, time and venue of the occasion. Kenyans can also give information about lost ones through the site to help collect database.

Also, you can donate your birthday “This year, do something great with your birthday. Rally your friends to give back by making a difference in the lives of those affected by these incidences and start your next year of life with some karma in your back pocket.”

Thus far, Kenyans have also involved themselves in the campaign through the hashtag #youAreNotForgotten.

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