Apple iOS 8.3 upgrades smileys to include black people among other system upgrades

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Apple just released iOS 8.3 the third major update to iOS 8. The update brings with it new features and design available immediately as an over the air download. In the current era of more text than calls, Apple has emphasized on emoji updates making them diversified, playful and more interesting for a chat.

The operating system revamp also includes wireless carplay that lets users connect their devices to their carplay systems that helps support Google accounts without the need for app specific passwords. With the upgrade, users will no longer experience a black screen or incorrect map rotation also, unnecessary appearance of the screen on the page.

iOS 8.3 also brings with it phone reliability in enterprise feature improvement that includes time zone of the calendar events created, even after restarting the device, users will be in a position to edit exchange out-of-office messages separately for external replies. Braille screen, VoiceOver and Speak screen will also be reliable with the iOS. The screen will now offer more options in the landscape keyboard which include italic and underline format.

Voice feature Siri now has additional languages and country support some of the additional ones being Hebrew, and Arabic. Mail, Bluetooth connectivity, Photos, Safari tabs, Settings, Weather and Genius Playlists in Music have also had an upgrade from the previous. 

New Smileys;

For the longest time debates have been brought up on standard emojis put in devices for example lack of a glass of fizz for a glass of wine which according to many does not make the same cut when it comes to toasting to an achievement. Some have insisted on the appearance of people’s colour which lacks brunettes and so on and so forth.

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Well, apple just answered to these predicaments with now over 300 new characters to choose from. Among new upgrades is the skin tone characters appear in. Before, black people where not represented in person characters with only white, Asian and Indians smileys used. Apple has also upgraded relationships in this time and age where gay-ism is almost accepted. The smileys now incorporate same-sex parents and couples.

With only China, Russia the US and Europe represented in the flag emojis from the previous one, Apple has included 32 more country flags.

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