Samsung DVBMS, the new air con system for large buildings

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According to a recent report, Nairobi is one of Africa’s best cities to invest in which we are currently seeing judging by the number of multinationals and local companies setting up and expanding in and around the Central Business District and areas such as Upper Hill and Westlands.

The insatiable appetite for high-end office and residential blocks in Nairobi has seen Kenya’s construction industry enjoy a sustained boom, with both the commercial and residential real estate markets growing steadily to keep up with the country’s push to attain higher economic growth.

With the boom in both residential and commercial real estate we see an opportunity to provide powerful yet energy efficient air cooling systems, designed with the local high costs of energy and efficient space usage in mind, both of which this DVMS considers.

To meet industry demand for smarter, faster, higher capacity air conditioning systems, global electronics company Samsung Electronics has introduced the 3rd generation Digital Variable Multi System (DVMS). Currently the world’s largest single unit capacity air conditioning system, the DVMS is a high performing unit with the capacity to support 540 square meters of cooling, while consuming up to 30 per cent less energy and occupying up to 43 per cent less space.

Samsung DVBMS

Suitable for both high rise buildings and smaller commercial spaces, the Samsung DVMS is designed to provide customized air cooling solutions, utilising smart technology to allow users to monitor and control the unit through a remote management system (RMS) or over the Internet through a smartphone or computer.

The dual smart inverter has two compressors that operate simultaneously, providing balanced oil distribution and therefore quick cooling and heating, which in turn results in better energy efficiency and hence lower energy spends.

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The upgraded vapour injection system within the compressor increases the refrigerant flow rate by 20% compared to the conventional products, while innovative, clean design not only decreases the space occupied by the unit, but allows for the customization often required by contractors developing high rise buildings in limited spaces.

The reduction in footprint gives the property developer more space to put up other facilities such as solar panels, as per a 2014 directive by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) requiring homes and commercial buildings that consume more than 100 litres of water daily to fit solar panels.

In addition to weighing 25% less than conventional air conditioning system units and therefore costing less to install, the smart Samsung DVBMS air conditioner also has a multi-step diagnose function that enables the end user to easily detect any malfunction in the system and recover the last 30 minutes of operation data.

Using remote monitoring system, the smart technology installed in the unit can perform sensor check, operation status check and major parts check, with a data backup system making troubleshooting and regular maintenance easier.

With the expected growth in the commercial property market, the electronics firm is also investing towards the expansion of air conditioning division’s product portfolio; this includes the investment in the Samsung Electronics Engineering Academy’s AC class launched last year.

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