Unliminet has brought happiness to Airtel Kenya subscribers

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  • Posted: March 30, 2015 at 5:25 pm

Are you still with Safaricom? Me too. Are you happy with the quality of service you receive? I am not. Many Safaricom customers are like me. Take your time and do a quick read of feedback on Safaricom Official Facebook Page. More than 90% of the time, you’ll certainly meet complaints such as the three examples posted below.

what has happened to the value of bundles and our airtime of late?????how does 100mbs last for seconds!am not liking this,remember you are not monoply,there are competitors in the market,this trend will make us kenyans loose faith in you people,please clarify what is going on!

Dear customer, You have more than 400 Bonga Points! Dial *126*2# and get KSh.80/= airtime for 400 Bonga points. STOP THIS NONSENSE

Why is it that u guys have decided to steal in broad daylight? Of late i’ve been wondering whyy airtime doesnt last and today i got the answer…. i have calculated the talk time i have used in my phone calls after recharge versus my balance and i realise there is a difference of 22 shillings unaccounted for coz my data was off…then i call ur customer care and u’ve been dropping my calls. I need answers……

I could go on and on, but the story would remain the same – those in Safaricom Official Page are simply dissatisfied with Safaricom services. Their @SafaricomLtd and @Safaricom_Care Twitter handles have the same exact stories. Complains range from poor network hence numerous dropped calls, Internet down time, inability to use night shift bundles, stolen airtime (though this can be lack of keenness in credit usage), among many others.

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This type of sadness in Safaricom was rampart on Airtel Kenya social media outlets not so many months ago. Airtel subscribers were on the necks of customer care representatives with insults, accusing them of stealing their Airtime, and bombarding them with complains of poor network, slow Internet, and spamming. Airtel Kenya didn’t or couldn’t do much to salvage the situation. The attempts to introduce competing products like 500% bonus on airtime spent, club 20, and several others did not bear much fruit .

Then Airtel Unliminet happened. In their webpage, Airtel Kenya describe the Unliminet offer with these not so brilliant marketing words:

The next best thing to the invention of electricity, mobile phones and the internet is here with us.

The webpage concludes by providing a breakdown of the Unliminet offer as follows:

Airtel Kenya UnlimiNETAirtel Kenya UnlimiNETAirtel Kenya UnlimiNET

This Unliminet product has got every Airtel subscriber excited, and according to feedback I read on Safaricom social media pages in addition to several comments I have personally received from friends, including those I have heard in the streets, there are a number of Safaricom subscribers who have changed camp – at least they now have two SIM cards – Safaricom for M-PESA services, and Airtel Kenya for the rest.

The excitement in Airtel can easily be seen when one visits the Airtel Kenya Facebook Page. As I did with Safaricom’s feedback, below are three random posts on Airtel Kenya Facebook Page.

Guys Airtek ndio mambo yote


Hi…we r enjoying ur service bt ur unlimited bundles zinaisha s fast…io shida nimeona Leo…


As much as ua trying to give kenyans crazy offers u need to provide good customer service.i am one customer regretting why i walked into ua kilifi shop n bought a modem for 2k with an offer of 4gb only to be told later that i cant use the 4g. Bcoz the lady at that shop never activated the modem.she guaranteed me that i cud use the 4gb n dint need to buy any only for her to inconvenience me n now not picking my calls…..which to me ni high class madharau.
The world is changing n more telecommunication companies r coming up.its sad that with the competiion out there u still can afford to disappoint customers.
Shame on that lady attendant in kilifi shop!!!!!! Puuuh.

That last one was all caps, I had to edit it.

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What’s apparent though is that before the Unliminet product, the level of complains in Airtel Kenya social media outlets were worse that what we currently have in Safaricom. But a few weeks into Unliminet, the levels of complains dropped to almost zero. Now that users have got accustomed to Airtel Unliminet, complains are finding their way back.

Jamo and Caro, two customer care reps who work 24/7 in Airtel Kenya Social Media Department

There is something that Airtel has done right in addition to introducing the Unliminet package: creating “a personal relationship” with customers through their customer care representatives named Jamo and Caro. Airtel has decided to launch a new customer care strategy away from the default sign off initialization of names e.g. ^DK, ^EM, ^CM to first name sign off as either Jamo or Caro, allowing us to put a face behind the names.

Interesting is the fact that you will relate with Jamo and Caro no matter when, day or night. These are two people who have dedicated their lives to serve Airtel Kenya with all their heart, soul, and strength. They have decided to forgo sleep, forgo off days and forgo holidays in order to make Airtel subscribers happy. Amazing? Not really. You will be surprised to discover there are a lot more Caros than one, and those others who sign off as Jamo.

A trick it is but at the end of the day, you are likely to feel warmer knowing that Caro is the one serving you, or Jamo.

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