Samsung Galaxy S6 is better than iPhone 6 in at least 10 different ways

3. Display

For the first time Apple allowed her fans to realize what viewing pictures and videos on HD screen feels like, but on a smaller display size, a 4.7″ screen. By display, Apple is still in the ages of Samsung Galaxy S3. Sadly, the iPhone 6 offers aĀ 750 by 1334 pixels resolution when the high end phones of yester years were already offering 1080 by 1920 pixels resolutions display. Don’t be carried away by fancy names like Retina Display, that’s just a luo way of renaming “high resolution” that AppleĀ has perfected over the years. Did you hear they call their charger lightning?

Yes, the 5.1 inches display on Samsung Galaxy S6 gives you more than you can bargain for. The display is not the 1080 by 1920 HD resolution that was in Samsung Galaxy S5, but a whooping QHD (2K) resolution of 1440 by 2560 pixels, giving the phone the highest pixel density of 577 ppi.

Even when what they wanted to do is bash the S6, CNN still found it prudent to describeĀ Galaxy S6’s screen with these words, “The screen is jaw-dropping. It’s bright, the colors are brilliant, the viewing angles are tremendous. It feels like a 4K ultra-high-definition TV in your hands — because it kind of is. Its resolution is four-times more pixel-dense than standard HD displays.”

2. Samsung Galaxy S6 runs simultaneous Apps

We are not talking about multitasking here. iPhone 6 and majority of the phones allow you to switch from one App to the other e.g. you could always switch from Facebook to WhatsApp when chatting, and that’s called multitasking; but you cannot have two Apps occupy the screen at the same time.

But ever since Android 4.0 Jelly Bean Ā came on earth and Galaxy S3 was upgraded to run the OS, Samsung Galaxy phones have been capable of allowing you to run at least two Apps Simultaneously. To repeat, this is far different from multitasking where you can switch back and forth between Apps but rather a higher level of multitasking where you can browse and at the same time access another App like Email, Calculator or a Chat Messenger like WhatsApp.

This comes in handy when for example you are browsing through a site that requires calculations. Instead of sending the browser to the background when you want to open the calculator to perform those tedious calculations, you simply use multi window feature to allow the calculator to occupy another part of the screen and be able to read the figures as you input them in the calculator without losing track – similar to what you would do on a PC.

1. Side Screens

The Galaxy S6 Edge is shrewdly conceived, brilliantly engineered and smartly marketed

That’s a quote from Mashable, and they are referring to the edge screens.

Now this is the best feature ever from Samsung that debbuted with Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. (SeeĀ Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is set to bring back class and status). The side screens on Samsung Galaxy S6 made Samsung win numerous awards at the 2015 Mobile World Congress.

It’s not just the class and status that make the side screens on Galaxy S6 be the coolest feature ever, but also what they are meant to do, and here let me mention just two:

First, the side screens allow you to call up a row of contacts just by swiping in from the top right. The contacts you interact with the most are auto-populated but you are allowed to customize them as you desire. You can thereafter assign colours for each contact then when the phone is in face down and one of the contact calls, you can know who is calling simply by looking at the side screen. If for example your bosse’s colour is blue, then whenever the side screen lights blue when the phone is ringing you already know it’s time to jump out of your online game and pick the damn phone.

The second cool functionality is the ability to know the time whenever the ghost that was chasing in the dead of the night allows you to open your eyes, look at the S6 Edge, and confirmĀ the time as 3:24 AM, hence a reassurance that you were just having a dreaded dream. The best part is that only the specific pixels to display the time shall be lit up so you don’t have to worry about draining your battery throughout the night.

One more thing:

0. Price

If you want to know that Samsng Galaxy S6 is better than iPhone 6, look at the price. The price of Samsung Galaxy S6 shall be between shs 75,000 and shs 80,000 in Kenya and that for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge shall range as from Shs 85,000 to Shs 90,000. Within months expect the prices to drop to below Shs 70,000.

On the other hand iPhone 6, despite being in Kenya as from December last year, is currently retailing at Shs 98,000 in most stores.

You still doubt that Samsung Galaxy S6 is better than iPhone 6 – then wait until we run a hands-on review due in a few weeks.


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