Samsung Galaxy S6 is better than iPhone 6 in at least 10 different ways

How long before Samsung Galaxy S6 is here? Two weeks? Are you planning to buy one? Probably you would love to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge instead of the plain S6. But after the purchase, you might end up wondering if it were better to have bought the class defining iPhone 6.

Don’t you worry, I have compiled for you (from around the web) what tech reviewers have identified as key benefits Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge have over the iPhone 6. As always, we start from the least important to what significantly differentiates the Samsung Galaxy S6 from the expensive for nothing iPhone 6. The bias in numbering is mine but they still reveal the fact that Samsung Galaxy S6 is better than iPhone 6; doesn’t matter the order you would have loved them appear.

10. Mobile Payment Options

Both Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 have mobile payment options via Samsung Pay and Apple Pay respectively. However, Samsung Galaxy S6’s mobile payment option is not as closed as Apple Pay. With Samsung Galaxy S6, you will be able to tap your phone not only at majority of NFC terminals, but you will also be able to make payments at terminals that accept traditional magnetic strip cards. Samsung Galaxy S6 come with a magnetic strip technology that will enable the phone to be used at points of sale that accept traditional cards.

Imagine how easy that will be for vendors and supermarkets globally. Even as they plan to invest in modern NFC terminals, the vendors can immediately start accepting Samsung Pay based on the existing magnetic readers used with traditional payment cards.

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9. Heart Rate Monitor

At the right of camera sensor of Samsung Galaxy S6 is the heart rate monitor. This is a feature that those who mind their health would prefer to top this list but that’s okay. What you need to know is that it is not found in iPhone 6. To monitor your heart beat with iPhone 6, what you can do is to download a third party App that uses the flash light to “read” your pulses from the finger tip, which reading would be very far from accurate.

8. Wireless Charging

You can’t charge your iPhone 6 wirelessly. Wireless charging has been part of Samsung Galaxy experience from way back in 2012 when Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched. With every passing year, Samsung has been improving the wireless charging technology, and as today, with Samsung Galaxy S6 and S 6 edge, you’ll be able to use the two best wireless charging technologies available from WPC and AW4P-PMA.

Phandroid explains, ” Samsung is the first to be using a new dual-mode charging technology that lets you use two of the world’s top wireless charging standards simultaneously (that being WPC’s Qi and the technology made by the now-joint AW4P and PMA). That means there’s no need to worry about whether a wireless charging pad you already own or one you see at a public venue is compatible with your phone — just drop it on and you’re likely good to go!”

By the way, inserting a charger in the USB port spoilt my Samsung Galaxy S3 – just in case you are wondering what the big deal with the wireless charging is.

7. Quick Charging

There is an insane and terrific trick that can enable you to charge the iPhone 6 faster, but with Samsung Galaxy S6, what you need to do is to plug in your charger (or drop it on the wireless charging pad), wait for 10 minutes, and you’ll have charged your battery to give you about 4 hours of use. When fully charged, the battery on S6 and S6 Edge provides 11 hours of 4G Internet, 12 hours of Wi-Fi connection, and 13 hours of video playback as Robert Ngeru, VP and COO of Samsung East Africa, explained in our blog post The Downside of Samsung Galaxy S6.

6. Dedicated VR Technology

Virtual Reality is the reality of the future, together with supporting technologies like holography. In the article Facebook’s Social Virtual Reality Strategy, A Revolutionary Fact or Fiction? Stefan Wolf takes you through the intrigues of virtual reality and how the reality will impact our lives. To communicate to us that she is taking future technologies seriously, Samsung has already produced the Samsung Gear VR Set which pairs with the Galaxy S6 to create an immense video-watching and gaming experience. By the time Apple thinks of introducing VR technologies in iPhones, Virtual Reality shall have been a reality to most of us.

5. Better Operating System

There is nothing much to say about this except to quote the pro iPhone 6 article by CNET that says, “The Galaxy S6 runs Android 5.0 Lollipop, which affords more flexibility and customization than iOS 8”.

4. Shoot Videos in 4K

Did you know that you can shoot an entire TV series by a simple phone like Nokia Lumia 1020? If you doubt me then jump straight to the article Jongo Love – A TV Series shot on Nokia Lumia 1020 and watch a clip from one of the episodes and tell me if it ain’t better than most of those pictures shot by expensive cameras.

But know this, the best picture you can get from Nokia Lumia 1020 is a 1080p (HD) at 30 frames per second. iPhone 6 can give you a little bit better pictures as the frame rate is increased to 60 fps.

Samsung Galaxy S6 promises to deliver the HD quality video as Nokia Lumia 1020, not via the rear camera, but via the 5 MP front facing camera. With the rear camera, what Samsung Galaxy S6 will provide is a true 4K video. For those planning to test their Sony or Samsung OLED 4K TVs but haven’t had a chance to access 4K content, Samsung Galaxy S6 is what you need.

We are not done yet, the best three features of Samsung Galaxy S6 over iPhone 6 is waiting for you in Page 2.


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