Twitter users can now share and watch live video broadcasts from their mobile phones

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Twitter has always intended to give users a way to discover the world through someone else’s eyes. While there are many ways to discover events and places, Twitter realized there is no better way to experience a place right now than through live video. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but live video can take one to a place and shows them around.

This is why twitter has rolled out the periscope feature that will see users share and watch live video broadcasts from their mobile phones which will also enable them title their broadcasts as well as choose those to share the video with.

To share a video, you will only need to Press a button, and instantly notify your followers that you’re live. Broadcasters on Periscope are directly connected to their audience, able to feel their presence and interact.

For viewers,

Periscope gives a new set of eyes and ears. The ability to travel the world and step into someone else’s shoes. See what they see, hear what they hear, and hopefully feel what they feel. Watching a broadcast is not a passive experience like television. On Periscope, viewers influence the broadcaster by sending messages, and expressing their love by tapping the screen to send hearts.

One can tap the video while watching to send a color coded heart. While Twitter brings one closer to people, places, interests, and events in an experience that’s immediate, unfettered, and conversational, periscope helps further that mission by giving people a way to share and experience the world around them, both near and far.

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Recently, Twitter launched Tweet Deck teams that lets you share accounts without sharing passwords. They also lunched “While you were away” feature that keeps you abreast with what’s happening on Twitter even when you are offline.

Before the periscope feature, ‘tweeps’ could capture, edit and share videos right from their twitter app. Besides video uploads and live tweeting that has made the social media platform practical and sensational, Twitter also gives users ability to send group direct messages and video camera that is expected to take Twitter experience to a whole new level.

The group direct messaging lets you start conversations with any of your followers who don’t all need to follow one another in order to chat. One can create a group in just a few taps. When you’re added to a group, you’ll get a notification.

Just after the company celebrated its 9th birthday, prospects on the social media platform are looking up which could mean better usability and spread before it hits a decade.


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