Twitter marks its 9th birthday

Twitter marked its 9th birthday since its inception in 2006. This comes at a time when Twitter has been engaging its users through massive use of product features like the hashtags, and best practices like live tweeting that has made Twitter usage more interactive and enjoyable.

To mark the nine years of Twitter’s existence, Twitter looks back at some of the landmark moments they have created around the world and moments that have defined history among its users.

In 2006, Co-founder Jack Dorsey Tweeted first, when the service was called “Twttr.”

In 2007, Early user Chris Messina proposed the use of a hashtag to denote people at the same live event.

In 2008, When the Mars Phoenix Lander found ice on Mars, NASA used Twitter to break the news:

In 2009, Early user Janis Krums happened to be on a ferry when a plane went down in the Hudson River.

In 2010, In a royal first, Clarence House, the Prince of Wales’ private office, created a Twitter account to announce Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton.

In 2011, Up late one night, Sohaib Athar inadvertently live-tweeted the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan.

In 2012, Before he appeared publicly to affirm his second presidential win, President Obama noted it on Twitter. And within hours it became the most retweeted for the year.

In 2013, Two bombs shook the Boston Marathon – and the world. As news of the blasts and the manhunt spread, Twitter became crucial for journalists, police and citizens alike.

In 2014, Twitter as the perfect companion to TV is evidenced by the most retweeted Tweet to date: @TheEllenShow’s starry Oscars photo.

In 2015, As news broke about the attack at the offices of French magazine @Charlie_Hebdo, people everywhere turned to Twitter. @JoachimRoncin’s Tweet soon became a rallying cry for free speech.

In Kenya, hashtags have been the center of many conversations with Kenyans using it to stir up conversations on Twitter. Hashtags like #MyDressMychoice, #Beyondzeromarathon, #Bringzackbackhome and #OccupyParliament have engaged Kenyans in Twitter conversations that have had an impact on topical issues that were discussed.

Twitter has since launched various apps like Tweet Deck teams, while you were away feature and Group DMs to enhance user experience among its users.



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