Zuku, this is what your customers are saying – stop wasting money on PR

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  • Posted: March 20, 2015 at 4:36 pm

Yesterday Zuku launched a campaign dubbed #MyZukuFiberStory, a Twitter hashtag meant to allow Zuku customers to share their experiences while using Zuku products and services. We carried the story in the post #MyZukuFiberStory: share your personal or professional testimonials and experiences about Zuku and shared the link, as usual, on our @Kachwanya twitter handle:

We received negative feedback so we decided to follow #MyZukuFiberStory to find out what Zuku customers were saying about Zuku products and services, and we have compiled the feedback in two categories: 1. Those satisfied with Zuku services, and 2. Those dissatisfied with Zuku services. Important to note is that #MyZukuFiberStory campaign started yesterday and it is supposed to run for many months so the feedback we have gathered is not conclusive – but rather a useful pointer to the direction the feedback will take – and equally a pointer to the quality of services as currently offered by Zuku.

Over the years Zuku customers have constantly complained of pathetic customer care services. Thus, the launch of #MyZukuFiberStory can be interpreted to mean that Zuku has finally paid attention to the complains and are now seeking to address these complains through the hashtag #MyZukuFiberStory as explained by Amuyunzu Oscar:

Hopefully, from yesterday henceforth, the quality of customer care service and quality of core products and services offered by Zuku can be expected to improve. 

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#MyZukuFiberStory was launched at Nakumatt Junction on Thursday the 19th of March 2015 at around 10:45 AM. The first feedback from a customer under the hashtag was received same day at 12:01 PM from a Twitter user by the name Lucius Vorenus. He tweeted:

As can be seen, this is a customer with both positive and negative feedback. Sadly, he is the only customer with a positive feedback.

At 5:27 PM we shared our coverage of #MyZukuFiberStory and three more feedback tweets were received with hashtag as follows:

One more feedback to us (because he did not include #MyZukuFiberStory hashtag in his response), had this to say:

It is more than 30 hours since #MyZukuFiberStory was launched and so far only five Zuku customers have cared to provide feedback. Out of the five, only 1 had a positive feedback citing ability to stream online and gaming experience. Then 100% of the respondents cited poor/terrible customer care experience and outage of services as their Zuku Fiber Stories.

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Zuku is wasting money on PR

In one of the blog posts (sorry I haven’t been able to retrieve it) that covered #MyZukuFiberStory, there was a comment to the effect that Zuku should stop wasting money on PR but rather concentrate in providing products and services of high quality standards and also fix their pathetic customer care services.

I totally agree with this call. If a big company like Wananchi Group with more than 18.7K twitter followers in the twitter handle @ZukuOfficial, another 8.8K twitter followers in the twitter handle @ZukuOfficiallyCares, and more than 214,000 Facebook fans can manage to get ONLY five tweeter feedbacks after 30 hours of launching a product, then the massive spending towards and during the launch, including the thousands other shillings to be spent during the many months of campaign, is a complete waste.

The loud silence so far received by Zuku is a testimony that their customers are not interested in providing feedback. This could be because already there is a lot of feedback on both their Facebook Page and Twitter handles that have gone unattended. The customers don’t expect them to attend to the feedback they will receive under #MyZukuFiberStory hashtag. Take for instance the feedback by Francis Waithaka above – they keep on promising that they will fix the disconnection problems but they never do.

What other feedback do they want?

If you sample feedback Zuku already has on their Facebook Page and Twitter handles, everyone seems to sending Zuku feedback similar to the one below:

you guys r the most disappointing people in the industry ..2days without tv or internet..yet u keep saying ur working on it…pthooo!!! YOU SUCK BIGTYM!!!!

So dear Zuku, just drop this #MyZukuFiberStory nonsense and concentrate in improving the quality of your services.

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