7 of the Best SEO Tools You Can Use for Social Media Marketing

There are smorgasbord of free and paid tools available online to optimize your site for search engine ranking, curate content for marketing and promotion, feature your businesses on social networks and let your compilation go viral within minutes. Content marketing and Social media marketing are related to Internet business but Search engine optimization is beyond the pale; more sturdy, more reliable and create a rudimentary platform for a powerful business online that goes on for a lifetime. In a bid to divert our marketing style and make marketing 10x powerful and faster, we need the assistance of different tools that function online for handling SEO(search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), SMM(social media marketing) and CM(content marketing). You can elevate your brand by using enterprise SEO services as well as the following tools:


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Point of Fact: 72% of all internet users are now active on social media.


Social-Media Marketing

Social media marketing is so vital to content, in fact, one can say it’s like the sun that engages plants to photosynthesis and it can work more creatively and powerfully. The following are very basic free tools for social media marketing.
Google Analytics

Without a doubt, Google Analytics is the #1 website analytics and social media marketing tool is; which is a very intelligent tool in terms of social media, referral, organic and direct traffic.
Quill Engage
I used Quill Engage and found it rather exciting and SMART. It definitely went into my good books. On March 18th, 2014, Quill Engage was launched, a completely free application that analyzes your Google Analytics data and creates easy-to-understand reports, written in plain English, which are automatically generated on a weekly and monthly basis. Since launching, thousands of organizations and individuals have signed up, and they are saving hours of valuable time. There are currently over 10,000 active users of Quill Engage!

User experiences are critical in shaping a product’s roadmap, and Quill Engage users have been extremely enthusiastic in describing how the application has contributed to their productivity.



Buffer provides dashboard account to analyze your social media marketing statistics for content you love to share.

If you’re using social media for your business, it is of great importance for you to know what to share/post, when and where.

You want to build up your brand awareness, and the only way you can do that is if you have some sort of insight on how your content is performing. It might seem like a small matter, but hitting your target at the right time and with right type of content, can give you an impressive growth in activity, and we all want that.

This simple and powerful app has an amazing analytical system that helps you measure the performances of your posts, so you can optimize your schedule and get the maximum out of your social media activity. Pretty neat, huh!

BulkBuffer is an extension for Buffer allows you to upload items to Buffer in bulk. It perfectly works if you’re looking to share content from a large source. Bulk Buffer lets you send multiple updates to your buffer queue all at once by uploading a txt or csv file. Simple login with your buffer account, upload your file of updates and hit send! You’ll still need to set up your social accounts, post times and other preferences on the regular Buffer site as bulk buffer only offers the uploading and no other functionality. If you’re only adding a handful of posts to your schedule at a time this might make you rethink trying it out but if you’re managing multiple accounts or scheduling for more than a few days it could be worth considering. Part of my love for Buffer came from its ability to schedule large amounts of posts easily so being able to send all the posts in one easy click would save us a lot of time with scheduling.

It’s completely free so won’t cost you anything to experiment with or add to your buffer bill. You can try our Bulk Buffer.


Created by Pinterest where ViralWoot, formerly Pinwoot, helps increase your followers, repins, and likes on Pinterest as well as giving you the option to schedule pins and repins all for my favorite price – 100% FREE! Once you sign up for a free account, you will be taken to your home page where you will see various pinners that you can follow in exchange for “seeds”. Seeds you ask, well, effectively, this is how ViralWoot works-

Seeds are in effect the virtual currency of Viralwoot. They are what make the whole ecosystem work. You start off with 30 free seeds. It is quite possible that you can also purchase additional seeds or if you are crazy frugal, you can earn seeds by following new pinners, repinning or liking relevant content, or inviting new members to be a part of Viralwoot. The rate of return for following a pinner or liking or pinning a pin ranges from 1-10 seeds. So, 100 seeds are earned for inviting a new member to the Viralwoot community and you get to decide how many seeds you offer to people who like or pin your pins or follow you. The average is 3 seeds for a repin or follow and 1-2 seeds for a like. That’s some rudimentary ViralWoot Economics.


This is a Moz product which is a famous tool specially for managing twitter account. This tool shows you detailed breakdowns of your followers and activity. Managing your company’s Twitter account can be a daunting task or even your own, but it’s essential to make sure you’re following and interacting with the most important people connected to your industry, while frequently trimming your Following list of inactive/Spam accounts. To help you do that, you start using Followerwonk, a pretty fantastic Twitter analytics tool that allows you search and analyze your social graph, compare it with other accounts, rank your followers in order of influence, and then some. A lot of social analytics tools can be dense and difficult to use, but Followerwonk is definitely user friendly. I especially like its visualization feature, which creates comprehensive infographics of your account. Another spectacular aspect of Followerwonk is its ability to sort your followers by number of tweets, number of followers, and Social Authority, that is, Followerwonk’s metric of Twitter users’ influence.
Post Planner

A rising social media marketing tool which allows you to schedule updates in advance in addition with providing an entire lists of status ideas. Additionally,
Postplanner is a Facebook app which helps page, group admins to automate their Facebook property. There are tons of features which will assist you to make most out of your Facebook marketing effort. Let’s look at a detailed feature list of PostPlanner Facebook app:

• Post queue: You set a time for posting, and add status updates in the queue. With 2 hours of work, you can easily automate month work on your Facebook pages.

• RSS feed automation: You can automate the publishing from RSS feed. This is handy, but somehow I prefer manual posting than auto-posting. A good idea is to link feed with your pocket app feed, and use it to share best content.

• Post to list: If you admin many pages or groups, and want to share same content on all of them. You can take help of list feature of this app. Simply, create a different list, and share same content on all of them. Also, you can manually share the same content on multiple pages or group. You can also post to the groups that you have joined.

• Targeting: This is one notable feature of this app. Apart from queuing your post, you can also set target audience for your post. For example, you can target country specific audience while scheduling or queuing your post.

• Post link as image: Images work much better than direct links on Facebook, and with one click you can publish post link as image. This will not only increase the visibility of your link, you will also get more CTR.

• Status idea engine: Status idea engine will help you to post quick updates using PostPlanner status ideas. There are unlimited questions and status ideas, which can be use. The best part is, this will help you to increase engagement and get more likes. Perfect way to beat Facebook edgerank.

• Trending content: Using this feature, you can find top content on web based on any keyword. Very helpful to find and share readable content on your pages and group.

There are quite few lists of free tools for Search engine optimization and internet marketing. All of these tools provide free services at least of trial period; though they offer very limited features but effectively you can still use these tools to optimize content, search engines, on-page, off-page, internal/external links and do more to get the ‘content reality’ you desire.


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