How Nigerians are using their smartphones according to Consumer Barometer

Rapid growth in use of personal devices around the globe has changed the life of a frequent shopper. Individuals no longer have to manually browse for products in specific shops and towns. Just by a click of a button, one can visit as many shops as possible with a variety of products for the shopper’s liking.

Online shopping was once a thing of the west but the rest of the world has gradually caught up over time with African countries showing way much potential than was probably expected.  The Consumer Barometer remains the most comprehensive free tool for anyone looking to understand and compare how people use the internet around the world.

Africa’s second largest economy country Nigeria, has shown growth in switch of consumers to online shopping thanks in large part to the increasing availability and affordability of mobile devices. In relation to the new research, the Consumer Barometer is currently an invaluable asset to advertisers, agencies and journalists, who seek creative insights into the shopping behavior of consumers in the country.


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Research shows that smartphones are becoming a vital part of online shopping in Nigeria with about 85% of shoppers using them for product research as against 30% who used computers and 6% using tablets.

Brands and their marketers are then likely to reach their greatest online audience by focusing their marketing communications on the smartphone. The Consumer Barometer can help users discover anything from: how often people go online, to how many connected devices they may have, how people research and purchase online, the influence of online video on their shopping habits or the differences between generations and their online behaviour.

According to the research, the Nigerian consumer has evolved digitally and more than ever, the smartphone means a lot more than just cool technology. Have a glimpse of what the Nigerian Citizens are doing with online connection;

Multiscreen use;

The number of Nigerians using more than one device to connect online is growing by day with some using up to four devices to connect to the internet.  80% of these users are using their devices to listen to music, 80% on their phone camera, 67% using the devices to play games in which they all admit to going online several times a day.

Smart Viewer;

Watching content online has gained remarkable popularity among Nigerians with 37% of the connected citizens watching online videos at least once a week.

Smart Shopper;

77% of these shoppers found out about the product through their smartphones, 26% through computer and 1% through their tablet. Online purchases from air tickets to groceries have become a tendency for many in the country with car insurances and home appliances purchased online as well.

According to the consumer barometer, only 18% of Kenyans researched their last purchase online, 25% South Africans, and 45 % of Nigerians did the same.

Nigerians are also using their personal gadgets to share experiences; Apparently, the citizens love talking about what they have bought on social media. According to study, Nigerians lead with 39% of online users having shared their last purchase experience on social media.

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